5 diamond jewellery trends for 2023

Jewellery trends come and go from time to time. While some are classics, others are trends which are usually forgotten after a few years. From home décor to diamond jewellery- this happens in every industry. Especially with jewellery, the variety in trends always draw a lot of attention from buyers. If you are looking for bespoke engagement rings or planning to customize any type of jewellery, take a look at the jewellery trends that are going to stay in 2023. This will help you get the trendiest jewellery for your loved ones.

Solitaire diamond engagement ring

Solitaires are classic diamond rings that have been around for centuries. They never go out of fashion. Even in 2023, there is going to be a high demand for solitaires. The shift is more towards minimalist designs which are plain with just the stone set in a thin ring. But comparatively heavier and more intricate designs can be expected too. Mid-size diamonds are going to be the most popular as they are affordable but has significant shine.

Sleeker Tennis bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets have always been a favourite among teenage girls and younger women. In this year, one can expect the design for such bracelets will go sleeker. Minimalism is still a very prevailing trend and it has permeated into the jewellery industry too. Thus, you can expect to see tennis bracelets that are very chic and thin- barely their appearance with a glint of diamonds.

Enamelled diamond jewellery

A rising trend that is here to stay is the enamelled diamond jewelleries. It has become a major trend these days as many top jewellers incorporate the element in their designs. Besides enamelling the item, there is a rising popularity of geometrical designs and shapes for your jewellery. Such jewelleries when enamelled have a striking appearance. It is further enhanced when diamonds are studded along with the enamel coating. Hand-painted artwork, hooped and coiled wires in enamel are some of the trending designs which have gained widespread popularity.

Lucky charms

As kids, we have always worn junk jewelleries with variety of charms on them. Now the same is available from top jewellers and made with precious metals and diamonds. From alphabets for name initials to various motifs- jewellers are creating charms that you can easily add to your existing jewellery or get a new piece along with the charm. The growing popularity of charms is because they have a significant meaning for the wearer and is more than just jewellery. People look for totems and symbols that will make them feel strengthened.

Signet rings

Signet rings have been around for centuries. Earlier they were used as signs by royalty. But today, they have become a trendy fashion statement. These rings are making a comeback as men’s as well as women’s jewellery. In ancient days, signet rings were primarily worn by kings.
Now that you know the different trends in diamond jewellery for 2023, you can easily choose the best for your beloved. There is a variety of diamond jewellery available and you will surely find something that is trendy within your budget.

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