Dubai, known for its glamorous and luxury lifestyle, has some of the most prestigious communities. These neighborhoods are secure and offer access to numerous amenities and facilities. You will find high-end properties that ooze comforts, such as apartments, townhouses, villas or penthouses.

Hence, you have plenty of options to buy property in Dubai. But what comes next is how you will take care of your home. Home maintenance is the primary responsibility of owning a property. Here are several duties that everyone can play in order to keep our homes and surroundings clean, healthy, and sustainable.

It is also true that, while most of these fixes appear hard, they are simple to learn how to accomplish. Instead of seeking expert assistance, you will learn how to fix and carry them out on your own. It will not only save you money but also prevent additional harm. It is due to the fact that you will be able to undertake immediate repairs if the necessity arises.

Here are some dubai property and home maintenance tips that you can easily manage within your tight schedule:

1. Clear The Clutter!

This is a simple task in which practically everyone in the family can help. While keeping your living area tidy requires little effort, clutter may rapidly transform a relatively big and comfortable environment into misery. For example, a disorganized closet will make anyone hesitate before looking for anything to wear. On the other hand, a crowded kitchen can make you hate cooking a basic meal and builds up the urge to run for the nearest takeout.

Also, toys should be carefully organized in their storage spaces when children’s playtime is over. Kitchenware and clothing should be folded and left hanging in the closet as soon as they dry. These are easy techniques that instil responsibility while also making the home environment pleasurable. 

If you have excess things that are no longer needed, you may properly dispose of them or even donate them to charity.

2. Fix A Wobbly ShowerheadHome Maintenance

If the pipe coming out of your shower wall becomes loose, just pull back the flange and insert some expanding foam into the shower arm’s area. As the material dries, it will fill the space and hold the pipe in place, removing any wobble.

3. Keep Floors Quiet

Squeaky floors, whether beneath carpet or hardwood, maybe a major annoyance in your home. To eliminate squeaks beneath a carpet, use a stud finder to locate a floor joist near the squeak, then use a drill to drive a low-profile trim screw through the carpet and pad and into solid wood. If it’s still making noise, drive in more.

It’s even easier on wood flooring. Simply dust a generous amount of talcum powder, also known as baby powder, into the gaps near the squeak. Spread the powder around and down into the cracks with a broom, and the sounds should stop. Then you may walk more calmly from home.

4. Shut Down The Loud Door HingesHome Maintenance Tips

When door hinges begin to squeak, spray some lubricant, such as WD-40, into the center of the hinge to quiet it. If it doesn’t work, try hitting the hinge pin halfway with a screwdriver and hammer and then smearing some lubrication on it, such as 3-in-1 oil. Tap it again, then slide the door back and forth, and the squeak should be gone.

5. Smooth Out The Sticky Window

Windows that stutter, skip, and stick when you try to open them for some fresh air are incredibly inconvenient. Trying to push windows open while they are stuck can create tension and damage over time. So, the next time you experience resistance, spray a dab of silicone lubricant on a cloth and gently cover the guides. This method works for plastic, metal, and wood.

6. Restore A Faucet FlowHome Maintenance Guide

Eventually, faucet heads will have a lower flow and may even begin to spray water in an irregular pattern. It is caused by the accumulation of microscopic grains of sand or other mineral deposits that clog the aerator or mesh screen at the faucet’s tip. Wrap some tape around the aerator to preserve it before twisting it off. Remove any debris and immerse it in vinegar for about one hour. Scrub it clean before reassembling.

Schedule A Weekend For Home Maintenance

Dubai properties like these “villas” speak tales of a glamorous and sumptuous lifestyle. These home maintenance tips will ensure that it stays that way. They will help you feel more grounded and more certain about how to take care of your home! 

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