6 celebrities you didn’t know used ghostwriting services

Ghostwriting is gradually becoming a common practice. In the present world, everyone is somehow using ghostwriting services. Did you know celebrities also use ghostwriters?

Well, if you didn’t know then we are here to disclose the secret here. Many celebrities use the services of celebrity ghostwriting. This indicates the fact, that ghostwriting services are becoming popular over time.

Why do celebrities use ghostwriting services?

Just like other ghostwriting services, celebrity ghostwriting services are also gaining popularity. It is a known fact; that celebrities usually don’t have enough time to write down their life biography or jot down their thoughts on a certain issue. They prefer hiring a ghostwriter who could help them write their thoughts together.

Many celebrities use ghostwriting services, in this article, we will talk about some celebrities who have or still using a ghostwriter for their content.

Let’s get started!

Barack Obama

We don’t need any explanations here to tell of the popularity of Barack Obama. Obama is a renowned former president of the United States. It is known some major politicians actively use ghostwriting services. In the present world, ghostwriters have broadened their spectrum in providing their services to almost every field. As president of the United States of America, I must address the people. A well-written speech is required. Obama also hired an outstanding celebrity ghostwriter for himself.

Obama’s writer, named Jonathan Favreau, was labeled as a perfect “mind reader.” Favreau earned a position in the White House as the director of speech writing as well. To craft well-written speeches and jot down the mind thoughts into well-written content is what every modern politician requires. Ghostwriters can turn your thoughts into excellent written content.

Elton John

Ghostwriting services are not just limited to the literary world. It has a lot to do with the long tradition in music as well. Elton John perhaps is one of the greatest examples we have here.

Bernie Taupin was the ghostwriter who wrote amazing lyrics for Elton’s songs. Elton and Taupin both enjoy a good working relationship that continues to date.

The famous ghostwritten songs from Elton John’s playlist are, “Tiny Dancer” and ‘Candle in the wind”. The partnership between Elton and Taupin proves successful because of Elton’s marvelous performance and Taupin’s lyrical talents.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy again increased his public profile through the publication of his book. “Profiles in Courage”. The book was launched in 1956 and was considered a noble book.

The book was written by a ghostwriter and it was listed as a bestseller that earned the Pultizer Prize for Biography. This, however, boosted John F. Kennedy’s image across the globe.

It is a known fact, that ghostwriters have been working for famous celebrities for decades. Celebrities in the past have used their services and celebrities in the present are also enjoying the perks of the amazing celebrity ghostwriting agency.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Nicole is a famous celebrity on MTV. She earned the title of breakout star of the reality show and was considered as television’s true phenomenon.

After her stardom and huge fan following, she planning to write down her work and the work was mostly carried out by a ghostwriter Valerie Frankel. Likewise, the writings about Snooki’s life play an integral role to know more about her amongst her fans.

Celebrity ghostwriting services are mostly used to write celebrity biography, speeches, scripts, and social postings. However, the field has widened and covered all other aspects as well.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s book “Elixir” gained immense popularity. The book was about the “Young Adult” fiction craze, at the time when she was at the rise of her popularity.

Hilary, however, claims that the creation of the book’s main theme and characters came under the courtesy of a ghostwriter named Elise Allen.

V. C Andrews

A great writer is known for writing books for teenagers. But V. C Andrews passed away early. However, her family hired a ghostwriter who could continue writing under her name. This proves the importance of a ghostwriter. They are extremely useful writers who continue the work, despite all the hindrances. Neidermann, a ghostwriter published over a hundred books, and some of them were titled under her name as well. Namely, “The Devil’s Advocate” and “Goosebumps”.

Did you know?

Did you know some of the most famous celebrities also use rap ghostwriting services?

Well, if you didn’t know then, now you do. Over the years, rap has become notorious for ghostwriters. Some rappers like drake and foxy brown are open about telling the contributions of ghostwriters. Whereas, other celebrities deny or keep it as a top-secret for utilizing a ghostwriting service. In either way, we now know, how ghostwriters have evolved from history till date. Their importance is still increasing and celebrities are actively hiring a ghostwriter for their written content.

Celebrity ghostwriters and their skillsets

We will jot down some important skillsets of being a celebrity ghostwriter,

Good writers:

Celebrity ghostwriters have excelled at writing good content. They know what is going to attract the fans and that is what they do the best!

Have an interesting style

Celebrity ghostwriters know how to make content interesting. They know what is going to attract the fans of the respected celebrity.

Captures your thought into words

They are great at capturing thoughts into compelling context. Celebrity ghostwriters are good at observing and reading the thoughts of a celebrity.

Good understanding

Celebrity ghostwriters have a better understanding of the current industry and they know what is the best they can do for their celebrity figures.

Great captivators

Captivating the interest of the readers is solely important and celebrity ghostwriters are great captivators.


Everything makes sense if it interests the readers. Celebrities are actively hiring ghostwriting services for their fans. They know the world demands, good content. In this article, we have listed six big celebrities who have used ghostwriting services. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Good luck!

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