A Complete Guide to Alang Madan Kulang Trek


The trek of the same name is located in the Kalsubai region of the Sahyadris located in Maharashtra. The rough terrain, caves, rocks and thick forests make this trek extremely difficult. From the summit, you’ll admire beautiful plateau forts as well as some peaks , like Kalsubai, Vishramgad, Vikatgad, Ajobagad, Ratangad, Sandhan valley, Harishchandragad, Bhandardara, Dangya Pinnacle. This trek is intended for group trekkers, it’s not a trek for solo travelers. The trek is packed with adrenaline. The trek begins from a variety of villages that are base like Ambewadi, Kurungwadi, Ghatghar. In the forest, you will see animals and various species of flora and fauna. The most suitable route for the hike can be Ghatghar up to Kurungwadi.

Alang Madan Kulang trek is just 62 kilometers from Nashik 140 km from Mumbai and 184 km from Pune. It is not required to obtain permission in this particular trek. In Maharashtra the majority of treks do not require permits for camping or trekking at the top. Also there are a few villages in which you can buy food. But there are no eateries near the start of the Alang Madan Klang Trek. And there isn’t any water sources on the trek, so make sure you bring the water you would normally carry (minimum 3-4 litres).

Day 1

1st Part

The first day, you walk through Ghatghar up to Alangad. The total distance of the trek is approximately 6.5 to 7 kms and will take 4.5 hour to walk. The view here is of an enormous green field. From here, you have to travel to the Alang Fort.Walk straight and you’ll discover three U-shaped forts just in front of your. The splendor of these forts is breathtaking.

A few minutes later, you’ll encounter a tiny stream. It is necessary to traverse the stream, and then the trek begins slowly as you ascend into the forest. Two kilometres of walking will take one to the western end that is Alang hill. The view from the top is amazing. From here, you can see the stunning Alang top. After another kilometre, you will be at the summit on Alang fort. Alang fort. From there, you can see stunning plateaus, which range from two to 2.5 km long. The north of the Alang fort , you can find caves.

2nd Part

After waking up early in the morning, and having breakfast, you must go to Alangad towards the Mandangad. The total distance is 2.5 km and will take 4.5 minutes to finish. This is where the primary descent of the trek starts. The trek will continue down until Madankhind or the bottom point. To reach it, you will need to ascend and downs up to several vertical walls.

In the northern portion of Alang fort, you’ll have to traverse the steep sections using rope. In order to cross this particular section, you must go through another 40 feet and 25 feet of vertical wall. These two sections are difficult and take quite a long time to cross. Every trekker will need close to 15-17 minutes to complete the two parts. If you are in a large group, it’s going to take quite a while. Just a 700-m walk will get one to Madankhind. On the right you’ll see the Mandangad.

Following that, you’ll be heading toward the Madan Fort. The first step is to negotiate a treacherous section of fixed rope. After that, you’ll walk through a rocky terrain. Following this rocky section, you’ll be climbing an upward 45 feet vertical rock wall using the aid of ropes. From here, you have to follow a path that is rocky and eventually arrive to Madan fort. Madan fort. From here, you’ll have an excellent picture of Kulang fort. You can visit the cave which can accommodate up to 50 people at one time.

Day 2

3rd Part

Start your day early and eat breakfast. Then, go to Mandangad toward Kulanggad. This day, you’ll begin your journey with an upwards of 45 feet in length rock wall. You will then have to trek through more miles that are filled by the greenery of trees. Once you have reached the top that connects Madan along with the Kulang Fort, continue straight for a few meters. You must then finish 150 metres of a gruelling ascent. After a few hours, you’ll be able to view the stunning cave. If you bring your camper or tent, it’s a good idea for you. From the top, a 360-degree view is incredible, so don’t forget to record the views. On the eastern side you will be able to explore the entire trekking route, which is stunning. You can visit the cave and fort. Relax here and before heading down to the base of Kurundwadi.

Fourth Part

On this day , you will need to begin the descent to Kurundwadi .The entire distance of the trek is 5 km that takes about approximately 4 hours. You must first cross the ridge section. After you have crossed this section, you will need to cross over the forest area once more. The 2.5 to 3 hour walk will lead you to a village nearby. A 3-kilometre flat hike will lead your up to Kurundwad.This is the final destination of the hike.

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