Are Cat Dental Treats Really Beneficial For Their Dental Health? 

Cat Dental Treats

Dental health is the most common issue that not only affects human beings but it affects pets too. With that, it emerges most concern of pet parents, are cat dental treats really beneficial for their dental health? When it comes to cleaning feline pet’s teeth, it is none other than a tough task. Because cats or kittens don’t easily allow brushing or cleaning their teeth and they even don’t like it. Thus cat dental chews are a great way to boost your cat’s dental care routine.

Why Is Cat’s Dental Health So Important?

It is a misperception that cats are prone to chew the same way dogs are. Because of the way dogs chew, it is really helpful in removing plaque & tartar buildup from the dog’s mouth. However, that is not the case with cats. Their chewing habits are not in such a way that will be able to maintain proper oral hygiene. Thus, it is required to take a bit extra care of their dental health by brushing and using dental treats for cats. 

As per the study and current survey, it is found that around 70% of cats are sorrowing from oral hygiene problems due to certain causes like the food buildup in gums and teeth that yields bacteria. This can even lead to severe dental diseases eventually resulting in serious health issues. Thus it is very essential to sustain proper oral hygiene to maintain the overall health care of pets. It is said that dry cat food is helpful in maintaining the overall dental hygiene of feline pets. However, dental treats and chews play a significant role in maintaining the overall oral health of pets.

Are Cat Dental Treats Really Beneficial For their Dental Health?

Dental treats for cats are helpful in offsetting normal oral hygiene. However, for that, it is not recommended to avoid brushing the cat’s teeth. Because it is highly required to brush teeth in order to keep gums-teeth clean and fresh. Most of the time, it might not be possible to regularly brush your pet’s teeth, in that case, dental treats play a vital role. 

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Cat Dental Chews are made utilizing biting surfaces, they are highly effective in clearing the buildup of food particles or plaque from teeth & gums. It also aids in preventing tartar formation by boosting fresh breath and releasing the annoyance of poor breath from pets’ mouths. These are available in different flavors, textures, sizes, shapes, and forms that your cats will chase to have. 

Excess of anything can be fatal to health. Just like humans, every pet’s body requirement is different from that of others. Cat’s body requirement for calories is very less compared to humans. Thus, excess feeding of cats treats and chews can be dangerous to their health. Every brand mentions complete details of ingredients used on them and the percentage of each supplement added to them. Thus it is crucial to check with the veterinarian once before feeding any dental chews and treats to cats so that you will get a complete idea about what and how to feed them to the cats. 

Some Benefits Of Dental Treats For Cats:

Get Rid Of Bad Breath: 

Bad breath is one of the concerning questions for every pet parent. Dental cleaning is very important to get rid of bad breath from a pet’s mouth. As dental issues may also lead to serious gastrointestinal issues that can be fatal to health. Soft cat treats play a crucial role in maintaining fresh breath as their soft and chewy texture encourages pets to chew which removes all unwanted particles from pet teeth resulting in fresh breath. 

Removes Plaque & Tartar:

If your pet has plaque or tartar formation in their mouth, it can lead to a serious periodontal illness that might even result in tooth loss and gum bleeding. Dental treats and chews are very important in this case as they fight against bacteria and help in removing tartar and plaque formation from the mouth.

Encourages Clean Teeth:

Munching dental treats aids in extracting dental bacteria from a pet’s mouth and encouraging fresh saliva production that preserves the dental health of pets in check.

What Amount Of Dental Treats Should Be Given To Pets?

A well-balanced amount of dental treats and chews that should be given depends on the age, size, and weight of the cat or kitten. Every pet has different requirements from that of others. Similarly, every product that is available has different included ingredients that should be fed to pets in different amounts. Every brand that is available manufactures diverse treats & chews by using certain ingredients that are mandated to satisfy the cravings with body requirements of pets as per their age, life stage, lifestyle, and size. Thus, it is highly recommended to always check the packet and entire guidelines before providing it to your pets. As per recommendations, dental treats that should be fed to cats are from around 3 to 17 per day.

It is noteworthy to take care of the chews that you are feeding to your pet so that it maintains the weight and calorie count that is required to keep them healthy, strong, and fit. For this, a veterinarian is always the best choice to consult with to get a complete idea.

We understand that no one would like to take any risk when it comes to maintaining the dental hygiene of pets. Shop Kwik Pets as we serve the best cat dental treats that are required to keep the health of feline pets in check. Here you will get all the products that are required to keep pets healthy, happy, and content. So what are you waiting for? Click here and grab the opportunity to get the best products. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I keep my cat’s teeth clean?

The foremost important method that helps in keeping felines’ teeth clean is regular brushing. However, it can sometimes become an impossible task. Other than that, dental treats and chews for cats play a vital role in removing plaque and tartar buildup from cats’ teeth and gums. Dental treats and chews are really helpful in maintaining the proper oral hygiene of cats. 

  1. What are Dental Cat Treats?

Dental Cat Treats are highly effective in maintaining overall oral hygiene in pets. These are made in such a way that provides brushing action on cats’ teeth by eliminating bacteria from their surfaces. Most of these contain ingredients to promote dental health and provide fresh breath. 

  1. How do cat dental treats work?

Dental chews and treats for cats scratch tartar and plaque from the cat’s teeth as they chew it. The formation of plaque can easily be found in the pet’s mouth. It originates from a build-up of bacteria on their teeth and gums. If plaque is not cleared regularly from the teeth, it solidifies into tartar which will be very difficult to remove. Cat dental chews and treats are developed to be moderately hard so that when the pet chews, the treats rub against plaque and solidified tartar eventually helping to clean your pet’s teeth.

  1. Is dental cleaning really required for cats?

Yes, cats really require dental cleaning to protect against ordinary dental issues. It is found that most cats that are over the age of 3 suffer from periodontal disease, which can cause disorder and tooth root spots. This painful infection begins at the gum line that can even lead to revealed nerves. 

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