Best places in Kochi to hang out with friends

Kochi, Kerala’s largest city, is a popular tourist destination with beautiful harbors and multicultural, energetic city life. The picturesque city in the south is ideal for a rejuvenating vacation. Because of its beauty, Kochi, Kerala’s coastal city, is also known as the “Queen Of The Arabian Sea.”

The places to visit in Kochi can teach you about the city’s history as an export and import hub, as well as about the rich trading culture of the colonial British era. Pallipuram Fort, which is surrounded by magnificent blue waters on one side and lovely, verdant western ghats on the other, must be visited.

This place allows visitors to get a close look at the state’s rich culture. Aside from that, one may enjoy the state’s delectable food. Here we present a lovely perspective for the greatest holiday possible.

The best hotels in Kochi can be the icing on the cake. Treebo Hotels provide some excellent spots for relaxation at reasonable prices without compromising luxury.

1. Cherai Beach

This is the ideal beach for swimming with the dolphins. The most popular spot in Kochi, where visitors may see friendly sea animals and participate in water sports. It’s the state’s most popular beach, where you can also relax and watch the sun set or the waves rise and fall.

2. Marine Drive

One of the most beautiful sites to visit at night Marine Drive is a popular destination for both visitors and residents. It is built with the backwaters in sight, affording a breathtaking view. It’s a great place to hang out with friends because there are food stalls nearby where you can snack. No cars are permitted on it for the safety of pedestrians.

3. MG Road

Loved by all, the best shopping place in the coastal city- M. G. Road is located right in the centre. From shopping for clothes to spices, it is the best of both worlds. So to experience the best time with your friends visit this place.

4. Athirapally waterfalls

Visit these waterfalls, often known as the Niagara of South India since they are one of the biggest in the state, for a relaxing day. Sit back and enjoy the scenery with your companions.

5. Thrikkakara Temple

To experience the place’s religiosity, visit this temple dedicated to Lord Vamana/Vishnu. The site provides a sense of peacefulness, and the festivities celebrated should be experienced.

6. Santa Cruz Basilica

Tourists from all over the world come to see this cathedral because of its magnificent architecture. Fort Kochi was erected by the Portuguese. It’s a great place to go with friends to learn about history and culture.

7. Mattancherry Palace

In the sixteenth century, the Portuguese constructed the Palace, another famous landmark. The murals portray several Rajas of Kochi. Visit with friends to marvel at the past’s splendour.

8. Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary

Take a safari trip and get a closer look at the enormous creatures’ life at this sanctuary. It’s going to be a fun trip with friends. It is a training facility for these creatures, and seeing them is a delight.

9. Fort Kochi Beach

This beach, which overlooks the lovely Arabian Sea, is another popular tourist destination. One can walk down the beach, letting the waves brush their feet, or sit and watch the waves crash. Discuss the good old days or engage in beach activities with your friends.

10. Kerala Folklore Musuem

To have a deeper understanding of the location, visit its Museum. This Museum showcases the rich culture and art. It’s an excellent location for exploring the state with your friends.

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