Easy Tips For Men To Smell Charming For Festivals

Diwali is the biggest festival in India. It sets the tone for the festive season in the country. While one part of the country celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, another prepares for Durga puja. Everyone is in the mood for festivities waiting for their loved ones. Picking the best outfits, showing off their ethnic apparel. Yet, there is something that we all kind of miss while getting ready. And it is perfume.

Once it was an immense part of such special occasions. But now it is losing its charm because of deodorants. Especially men prefer to spray deodorant over anything. And same goes for women as well. However, if you wish to smell nice all night, perfume is the only thing you need. Festivals like Diwali calls for something special. When your outfit is so unique, why wear something normal like a deodorant?

Why Perfume Is Better Than Deodorant To Smell Nice?

No matter how fabulous your deodorant is, it is nothing in front of a perfume. Whether it is about the concentration of essence or sillage, perfume is better in all senses. This is the reason it is a must for you to smell nice.

Deodorants have about 2-5% essence concentration. This allows the aroma to last for about 3-4 hours max. You can apply as much as you want, and the aroma will evaporate. Moreover, deodorants have chemicals which can spoil your ethnic clothes. It is not compatible with embroidery and silk fabrics.

Perfume on the other hand has 10-18% essence concentration. It varies depending on the type of perfume. EDP has the highest essence concentration. Due to this, the aroma will sustain for more than 6 hours up to 12 hours. You apply the perfume on your skin and hair preventing clothes from getting damaged. Moreover, perfumes that are free of tint can also be sprayed on clothes.

And with the best fragrances for men, there are so many options for you. Explore them at online perfume stores and enjoy all the compliments you get.

These Perfume Tips Go A Long Way In The Festive Season:

When you want the best from your perfume, wearing it correctly helps. Here are some easy tips that you can try,

  1. Get strong aromatic perfumes: For the festive season, a strong perfume is best. All the parties and gatherings are at night. And due to their vivid strong aroma, these perfumes work well. Wear aromatic woody notes of sandalwood, oud, and vanilla. Musk, patchouli, rosewood and cedarwood are also nice. You can try these with a hint of spicy notes and floral notes.
  2. Avoid wearing too much perfume: Since you will be around your loved ones, wearing too much perfume can be off-putting. Try to stick to the 2-spray rule. An EDP perfume and 2 sprays on your pulse points are enough to make you smell nice.
  3. Spray perfume on hair: Spraying fragrance on hair helps in making it last longer. Since your skin perspires, hair holds the perfume for long period. You will smell fresh all night with this trick. Spray perfume on the comb or directly on the hair and brush them with it.
  4. Focus on pulse points: Make sure to apply perfume on your neckline, wrist and back of the neck. Whenever someone will hug you or shake your hand, they will notice the aroma.

Perfume Shops Online Are Perfect For Party Perfumes:

If you are not sure where you can buy party perfumes, online stores are the best. Over here you can get a huge range of perfumes suitable for the festive season. #NightAnimal, #IntotheWild, #Gentleman and #Challenger are some good options for men’s perfumes. All these perfumes are Eau de parfum with 18% essence concentration. Apart from these perfumes for men, you can also try other options available.

You can also buy perfume gifts for the festive season from these stores. Mini perfume gift packs, full size perfume gifts, and all kinds of options are available. Choose them according to your budget and make someone’s day. The festive period is the best time to buy perfumes online from stores like Perfumer’s Club. There are various festive sales are going on. And you can get a great deal on branded perfumes.

With perfume, you can feel extra special. It highlights your personality bringing out the best in you. Wearing aromatic perfumes for the festive season can set the mood for you. And when you are energetic, it shows in your style. Get the vividly aromatic fragrances for evening and night. They are the best for smelling nice during festivals. Since most of the festive gatherings are for the night, they last long. Not only for men, but you can also use these tips for women as well. Everyone deserves to smell nice during the festive season. So, why don’t you start your search for the best festive perfumes?

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