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Harihar fort is located in Nashik district in Maharashtra. It is located at an elevation of 3,676 feet. On the summit, you can witness Lord Shiva, Nandi, Hanuman idols and a 360-degree view of the magnificent Sahyadri range. There is also an incredibly small pond on the summit. The hill’s shape is rectangular. The edges that make up the Harihar fort, which is vertical, with an upward slope of about 80 degrees. From the summit, you is able to see numerous forts such as Brahmagiri, Utwad fort, the Anjaneri fort and other mountains like Navra Navri peak, Brahmagiri Parvat etc.

The vertical staircase that will take you to the highest point of Harihar fort can be the most thrilling aspect in Harihar fort. Based on the difficulty level, the fort’s trek is divided into two parts. The first is Nirgudpada village up to the plateau which takes about 1 hour. The other option is to climb the plateau that reaches the top, which will take 1.5 hours to complete. It is also possible to reach the plateau via Harshewadi village. The most difficult portion of this hike is the stairs. It is not necessary to have permissions to do this hike. It is possible to stay at the top of the mountain.

The Way to Get There:

Nirgudpada is accessible via highway. Harshewadi village is located close to Nashik. The trekkers who come who are from Nashik are attracted to Harshewadi village. It is possible to park your vehicle there and begin your trek to Harihar Fort.

From Mumbai it is possible to first get to Kasara. In Mumbai CST there are local trains. Once arriving at Kasara you can book an auto cab from the local area to Khodala. From Kodala you will find a variety of shared taxis that can transport passengers to Nirgudpada. The fair costs between 100 and 150 rupees.

From Nashik initially, you must arrive at Trimbakeshwar. You can then hire a taxi to Nirgudpada.

The nearest station for trains located in Kasara is Kasara railway station that is 60 kms. Nashik train station measures 56 kms away which is the second closest railway station. Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport is the closest airport that is 170 kilometers.


The villages that are the base will provide homesitas for guests to stay. It is possible to bring their own tents to camp in.

Best Time:

The best time for this trek is from June through February. The summer heat is unbearable here. In the monsoon, the gorgeous Sahydris is stunning. This lush and green Sahydris will amaze you completely. The trek in monsoon is covered in green grasses. After monsoon , you’ll have clear views of the forts and the peaks.

Trekking Trail:

Part 1

The trek begins from Kadamwadi village. The village is located just 300 metres away from Nirgudpada. The total distance of trekking between Nirgudpada towards the plateau is 2.5 kilometers and takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Begin the trek in the Trimbak region. Once you reach Timbak you’ll be able to follow the trail easily. The trail winds through many tiny streams and fields. The walk should last about 20 minutes. Once you have crossed the field, you will notice that the path begins to climb upwards. You will then have to cross several forest sections. During monsoon time, small streams will wash your eyes. Within another 45 minute, you will arrive at the plateau. From here, you’ll encounter the toughest portion of the trek. The vertical stairs that are 80 degrees. Just take the time to admire how beautiful it is.

Part 2

Part 2 begins with the Plateau and concludes at Harihar fort’s the top. The total distance is one km. This will take 1.5 minutes to finish. Rest near the top on the mountain. Then start your trek again. Get your mind ready for the tough part of the hike. It is the most thrilling portion of the entire hike. Begin your climb towards the rocky steps. It appears scary but once you get started, you’ll enjoy the true trekking experience. The monsoon season is when the paths are rocky and slippery so make sure to place your foot with care. Once you’ve climbed up, you’ll be at Mahadarvaja.

From here you can see the valley, and Harshewadi village to the left. You will then come across another set of steps. It is necessary to climb about 100 steps to reach the highest point of the fort. There are small caves as you climb up. A walk of 1 hour will take your to Fort. The small pond here welcomes you. Visit the temples and Balekilla (highest point in Harihar fort). Harihar Fort). It will take you another 15 time, between 12 and 15 minutes, to get to the top of the fort, also known as Balekilla. From the top , you’ll have a 360 degree perspective of the Trimbakeshwar region. You can enjoy the view that includes Anjaneri fort Utwad fort Phani Dongar hill, Bhaskargad, Brahmagiri, and many other forts.

Take a few hours here, before you go back down in the same manner.

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