How Is The iPad Pro A Reading Device?

How does the iPad Pro fare as an e-reader? Does it work as a reading device, or do you need another gadget? The thing about e-readers is that they are perfect for the job. Basically, e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, for example, are pocket-sized book libraries. However, is it another item you must remember to take with you when going on holiday? Or if you want to read a couple of chapters during lunch break? We’ll break down the advantages of each device to help you decide.

The History Behind E-Readers

The first ereader appeared on the market in 1997 when NuvoMedia founders went to Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, who turned down their pitch. They then went to book giant Barnes and Noble and sealed the deal. The Rocketbook was born. However, Bezos started working on his concept of an e-reader that would direct the consumer to purchase books from Amazon. His vision created the Amazon Kindle. Although other ereaders have emerged on the market, the Amazon market share accounts for 83 percent of US ebook purchases.

But What Are The Disadvantages Of An E-Reader?

1.    Battery Life

An ereader’s battery can last for weeks, even when used daily. For example, the basic Kindle lasts four weeks on a full charge, while a Kindle Paperwhite lasts up to 10 weeks. This feature means you can pick it up and use it without worrying that it will run out of juice. The ereader’s charge lasts for so long, compared to an iPad Pro, because its display doesn’t require much power.

2.    Optimal Reading Display

Ereader’s screens are optimized for long stretches of reading time. They are easier on the eyes than iPad screens or books for two reasons. The Kindle, for example, uses e-ink, a paper display technology that looks like ink on a page. As opposed to an LCD screen, this feature reduces the glare and strain on the eye by keeping the blink rate stable. In addition, an e-ink display doesn’t shine into your eyes, reducing the strain. Modern e-readers now include an automatic brightness adjustment setting that regulates the light-up display inside or in the sun.

3.    Practical

Unlike iPads, e-readers are incredibly hardy. The devices are virtually unbreakable. They can survive drops and falls better than iPads. Some are waterproof, allowing you to read comfortably in the bath or pool. And if there is a spill, a quick wipe dry is all you need. Ereaders are excellent for kids, who can often be careless when using devices.

4.    Immersive Reading Experience

There is something special about an e-reader. Whether curling up under a cozy blanket or relaxing by the pool with a book, you have an entire library at your fingertips. Ereaders give you the ultimate reading experience because that’s all you can do. There are no interruptions, pop-ups, messages, emails, or notifications. It’s just you and your book.

5.     Price

Compared to an iPad Pro, most e-readers are relatively cheap. For less than two hundred dollars, you can get a top-of-the-range e-reader. Meanwhile, the starting level of an iPad Pro 11 is $799, while an iPad Pro 12.9 is $1099. Quite a price difference.

What Are The Advantages Of An iPad Pro As A Reader?

An iPad is everything that an e-reader is not. An ereader gives you a static, traditional reading experience. You can look up the meaning of words or highlight essential quotes, but that is as far as it goes. Your iPad Pro is your mobile laptop with all your apps, data, and media in one place. It is your multimedia center, cinema, office, and study companion. Reading on an iPad Pro is an entirely interactive experience. What if there is an important passage that you want to highlight? Or have a query? You can quickly jot down a small note to go back to it later. Or open the ebook on a split screen with a blank document where you can copy and paste the parts you need. In addition, having an Apple Pencil is a plus. Use it to write, scribble or refer to another author while still on the page.

The choice of an ereader depends on whether you are willing to have another device pop in your bag, aside from your iPad, mobile phone, or laptop. Ereaders are great for just reading. Using your iPad Pro as an ereader allows you to take advantage of all its features. It is a powerful machine that covers almost all tasks, including reading your favorite books. Plus, it’s convenient to have everything in one device – all you need to do is pop it into your bag, and everything is with you.

Protect Your iPad

Ipads need a little more care than ereaders when it comes to durability. They are highly portable devices but prone to damage if they are dropped from a height or a wrong angle. The best thing to do is find a high-quality, rugged case that offers maximum protection. The Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 case is made from TPU plastic, safeguarding your iPad from a five-foot fall on concrete. Plus, the case’s corners have extra reinforcement for added protection. The Zugu iPad case also adapts to your needs – whether to read, type, or watch a movie. The cover has ten angles you can adjust to read your favorite book while commuting to work or home.

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