How to draw warrior cat

How to draw warrior cat. When you think of powerful warrior cats may not be the first creature to mind. These animals are usually not warrior cats, but in the Warrior Cats series, these felines occupy the front of the stage and participate in many battles and adventures! His adventures lasted many books and series, and these brave cats won fans worldwide.

For this basis, numerous would like to know to attract warrior cats to celebrate their fans of the series. This step -guide -on how to draw warrior cats will make you draw your favorite cool drawings at no time!

How to draw warrior cat

Step 1

We will start with the cat’s head and ears to get this direction on how to draw warrior cats.

You will use many sharp and pointed lines for this head to give a forage look.

However, the ears will be designed with slightly softer lines. When drawing this step and the others, consult the reference image to guide it as you draw!

Step 2:

You can start on your cat’s back and chest in this part of your warrior cat’s design.

The lines you use for these parts of the cat will be clear and pointed out as the ones you used to the head in the previous step.

Once you are satisfied with your appearance, you will be ready for step 3!

Step 3:

For this part of our guide on drawing warrior cats, you can add the first step to your cat. The leg will be long and thick, with a large leg at the back. In this scene, you can even draw the front of the cat’s belly.

Step 4:

Now that you have designed the front of the cat, you can add the thicker rear leg to this part of your warrior cat design.

This leg will be very similar to the first one you designed, but, as we mentioned, it will be a little thicker this time.

It will be designed with some soft lines in front, but the rear will be more shredded like other car areas to make it hairy.

Step 5:

Each cat needs a tail, so we will add one to this stage of our guide on how to draw a warrior cat. Generally, a cat can expect to see a very thin tail, but this cat has thick hair and hair.

The tail will have a soft line on the lid, but the line at the bottom will have the same serrated look you used earlier to create a hair appearance.

Step 6:

So far, you have made two legs to draw your warm cats, so you should have no problem adding the next two!

These will go besides those you have already designed and look very similar.

Step 7:

How to draw warrior cat

Before going to the last coloring stage of this guide on drawing warrior cats, you have some details and final items to add.

The main element you need to add is a face to your drawing. The looks on the cat will be extensive and angular, and you can complete them with circular shapes.

Then you can draw your nose under your eyes and finish your face with curved lines to your mouth.

Finally, before moving on, you can count some final points to the image. As you can see in our contact photo, we added some lines to the back and tail for some striped details to the cat.

You can also add your details as a beautiful background to the image! How will you finish this photo before the last step?

Step 8:

How to draw warrior cat

This last step in your Warrior cat design will see that you will end with some colors!

In our image, we use a diagram of white and orange, but you can use all the colors you want!

You can create your favorite characters from the Warrior Cats series using colors! If you have created a background, you can also color the background elements for an additional color variation.

When you know which colors you want to use, you can also have fun with the art supports you use.

Media such as acrylic paints, pens, and colorful markers are perfect for a more dynamic image.

Watercolors, pencils, and pencils are perfect for seedlings, so you have many options to consider!

Your drawing of the warrior cat is complete!

It takes us to the end of this guide on how to draw warrior cats! This drawing may seem complicated at first, but following this guide and taking it slowly, we know you will draw an amazing warrior cat in a short time!

The trick to accepting a new drawing challenge is to divide it into manageable steps and slow down. We hope this direction was good for your learning and are very pleased to use it! After finishing this guide, you can go even further by adding your variations and details.

You can use smaller details and colors to recreate your favorite characters from the series or even create an excellent background! Be sure to let your imagination outpour when this Cats Warrior drawing is concluded. When you are ready for more fun, visit our site! We have tons of impressive design guides for you, and download new ones.

We would also like to see your design of the finished warrior cat, so when you finish, we hope you share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can enjoy it!

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