How to repair a cell phone

Would you like to learn how to repair a cell phone without having to go to a specialized technical service?

It is clear that some repairs require technical knowledge and professional tools that are not available to average users.

But for other breakdowns, there are some practical tricks that can help you save some money on repairs. We go with them!

How to repair a cell phone step by step

The first step in learning to repair a cell phone is knowing what the most common breakdowns in mobile phones are and what tools are needed to solve them get part from mayacellularparts.

In a cell phone repair kit there are two resources that should not be missing:

The device ‘s instruction manual (both in physical format and through the manufacturer’s official website).
A mobile diagnostic application . The most comfortable is to use it through a desktop or laptop computer and connect the phone via USB to monitor the status of the software.
Once you have these basic tools, you can begin to identify your cell phone’s faults and find the most appropriate solution for each case.

Cell phone hardware failures and how to fix them

The hardware of the phone integrates the physical components of the device , both the interior parts such as the screen, the camera or the microphone.

The most common breakdowns in these components are caused by factors such as falls and impacts , water and humidity ingress , or deterioration of components such as the charger or the battery.

In any of these cases, the solution is to remove the back cover of the cell phone and check the condition of the components .
You should check that all parts are in place and do a thorough cleaning of the device to see if it works again when you turn it on.

In case you have detected that any component is damaged, you will have to replace it . Use instruction manuals and manufacturer information to find out what tools you need.

In case of any doubt with the cell phone hardware repair, our recommendation is that you seek professional help , since incorrect handling of the device could worsen the situation.

The cell phone does not charge, what can I do?

A typical problem in cell phones. There are two possible reasons for an incorrect charge in the mobile: The charger or the battery itself.

If the problem is in the battery (which can deteriorate with use) the solution is to replace it with a new one.]

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But before you must check that the charger works properly, see this information on causes of why the cell phone does not charge to rule out faults.

The simplest thing is to use another compatible charger to charge the cell phone. If the problem is solved, it means that the battery is fine and you just have to get a new charger, something that will be much cheaper.

The cell phone turns itself off frequently
One of the reasons for a cell phone to turn off for no apparent reason may be a bad placement of the SIM card or that it is dirty.

To check the SIM card you will have to detect its location (in some mobiles it is on the side and in others you will have to remove the back) and verify that it is correctly placed.
Do you want to learn how to clean the SIM card of your smartphone? Take a look at this video and we continue with the tricks to repair your cell phone.

How to repair the most common faults in the software of a cell phone

The software of a cell phone is the virtual part of the phone. It is the one that integrates the operating system and the applications with which you interact as a user.

The first recommendation is that you always keep your device updated . New versions of operating systems and apps incorporate patches that can help you correct errors in their operation.

Let’s see what are the most common failures in the cell phone software and how to repair them.

The cell phone is very slow

When the cell phone is slow and it takes a long time to open the applications or the internet browser, it is most likely that the storage memory is full.

Without realizing it, data and files such as videos and photos accumulate in the memory of the cell phone, which can collapse it.

These are the steps you must follow to free up space on your smartphone’s memory:

Enter the settings part

On the screen you will see both the available space and the used space on your cell phone. If the « free up space » button appears, do not hesitate to press it.

The battery discharges very quickly
If you have verified that the battery and the charger are in good condition but your cell phone continues to discharge very quickly, you can put into practice some tricks like these:

Check which apps are running in the background and close them or force them to be detected. You can do this by entering the cell phone settings and accessing the ” applications and notifications ” area.
Lower the screen brightness , remove animated screensavers and reduce the number of widgets and shortcuts.
Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not going to use it. In this way, the mobile will save resources by not having to search for networks to connect to continuously.

Check that you do not have Bluetooth activated.

Games and media players consume a lot of battery power . Reduce its use (as much as possible).
The cell phone does not connect to the Wi-Fi network
In this case, the problem may stem from the smartphone itself or from the router. The first thing you have to do is restart both devices.

In many cases, this simple step is enough to restore connectivity.

You should also watch if the Wi-Fi reaches or loses intensity when you move away from the router with your cell phone or if the Wi- Fi itself disconnects and it is not a problem with the phone.

If this happens to you, you may have to install signal amplifiers in the most distant rooms.

Use some other device like a tablet or laptop to connect . If they connect to the Wi-Fi network, it is clear that the problem will be in the cell phone.

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