Is Healthcare Industry Being Able to Match the Pace of Growing Technology?

Healthcare has seen exceptional advances in recent years, and technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Wearables, etc., have a tremendous role to play in the same. 

Not only healthcare, but numerous other industries, including hospitality, entertainment, and more have also clutched the advantages of these technologies to improve their traditional mechanisms. 

That’s the power of tech evolution! 

The amalgamation of healthcare with these technologies has a vast impact on people’s lives.


The health-tech and med-tech mechanism aim to mitigate any danger or issues that a patient might possibly face, and ensures a frictionless treatment. 

So, How Does the Integration of Healthcare and Cutting-Edge Tech Work?

Medical devices are built much more robust than consumer devices, and hospitals make hefty investments in the same.


They stand to benefit tremendously when incorporated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud services, and more. 

Indeed, the industry is shaping up, and it is vital for healthcare institutions to understand the need of the hour! Although, as said, “one has to be a master of his own house,” the change will begin from within with the advancement of healthcare through digital technologies. 

So, how to get started? 

By exploring the best medical technologies as listed below that’ll shape the future:

1. Medical Tricorder

Once, the medical industry dreamt of possessing a device that could analyze and diagnose diseases. 

Do you remember the medical tricorder in Star Trek, when Dr. McCoy used a hand-held device to scan a patient, and all the vital signs got listed immediately?

Fortunately, doctors have access to these devices today that can easily measure heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, temperature, and more. 

2. Genome Sequencing

Do you know?

The entire Human Genome Project costed around $2.7 billion for the US government!

For all those unfamiliar, genome sequencing is a process used to regulate the genetic makeup of an organism or cell type. 

Indeed, the device has jaw-dropping potential as it can help determine one’s drug sensitivity, monogenic medical conditions, and whatnot! 

3. Transformation of Drug Development

Don’t you think that the process taken for developing healthcare drugs is time-taking and expensive? 

Not anymore, because drug development has now become easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Notably, not only AI but many other modern mechanisms are likely to dominate the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the years to come. 

Another promising tech in healthcare is in silico drug trials, which are simulations utilized in the development of medical products. 

4. Robotics

A tech gaining the maximum traction is robotics, and the developments range from surgeries to disinfectant robots. Additionally, robot companions have also made their space in healthcare to relieve loneliness, treat mental health, and more. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

Have you heard about AI algorithms? 

It is an extended element of Machine Learning that commands a system to operate on its own! 

In case of healthcare, AI algorithms can mine medical records, lay out treatment plans, enable faster drug development, and a lot more. 

6. Virtual Reality

VR has become a massive part of patients’ and care providers’ lives. So it won’t be a big deal to watch operations as if you wielded the scalpel or travelling to another country while lying on a hospital bed. 

VR is also being used for training purposes for surgeons to practice operations. Not only this, but the tech is also being integrated for patients to be effective in pain management. 

7. Augmented Reality

While people might think that AR and VR are similar, they vary in two aspects: users do not lose touch with reality, and information appears in front of sight as soon as possible. 

Notably, AR helps medical students prepare for real-life operations and boost their potential. Doing so provides students with detailed and precise depictions of human anatomy. 

Surprising, isn’t it?

In a Nutshell 

Undoubtedly, we are living in a revolutionary period for healthcare, and the entire credit goes to digital means. 

The aim is to enhance the overall healthcare mechanism by awarding more and more institutions to leverage modern technologies. 

What next? 

Reaching out to an efficient healthcare app development company should be your next shot! 


Since expert advice is a tool you’ll need to shine bright in the market.

So, are you all set? 

Schedule your consultation with the experts today!

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