Kumara Parvatha Bangalore, The Dream Trek


One of India’s most sought-after trekking spots is Kumara Parvatha near Bangalore. Visitors come from all walks of the globe to enjoy nature’s beauty and experience it for themselves. We want to share our experiences and show you how we did it so that you can enjoy a smooth trip.

Even beginners will find the hills a fascinating experience. They offer beautiful views and allow you to see many different types of vegetation in a very short time. You can also look down on the valleys to see waterfalls, dams and lakes, as well as rocks and rocks.

About Kumara Parvatha Trek:

The Kumara Parvatha, also known as Dream Trek, is a hill in Karnataka. It is a popular spot for trekking, with a peak of 1795m. Trekkers love the breathtaking views from this spot.

It begins at Changunarayan, and ends at Kumara Parvatha. It is a five-day trek that begins at Gurudongmar Lake and ends at Drona Parbat.

Let’s go on an Adventure!

  • Kukke starting point to Battremane @ 5.5 Kms

With the sticky climate and a lot of weight, it seemed like the trip was quite long. We made sure that everyone was bringing enough water, taking into consideration the dampness.

After the initial 3kms in the woods, we noticed that the backpack was heavier than usual. Our spirits were too high to be stopped by gravity. And then we continued to walk, laughing, and making jokes. Felt the energy pumping from the cool breeze and the resonant sound made by the stream. Filled up our jugs and refuelled ourselves before continuing the journey. Later we were greeted with the beautiful view of the majestic green mountains. And afterwards the backwoods adventure was over. !

Battremane campsite:

This was our first camping experience. It was also raining. We decided to stay at Battremane.

While we were cooking, we sang and shared stories. Around 200+ trekkers were on the Kumara Parvatha.

  • Kallumantapa @ 2.5 kms:

We planned to start our journey the next morning at 6:30 a.m. We ended up moving at 8 a.m. from Battremane towards Kallumantapa. The journey was difficult. We could see the beauty of the mountains as we continued to push on, and we were able to breathe in the fresh air outside, which became a curiosity for me. Kallumantapa has a stream where you can refill your water bottles before continuing on with your exhausting journey.

  • Sesha Parvatha @ 3 kms:

Sun started playing the game of finding the stowaway. We began climbing towards Shesha Parvatha. Our speed dropped as we began singing sun beams. The view was just getting better. I was able to recall the magnificent mountain views in my dream film “Master of the Rings” because of the wonderful mountain vista.

Kumara Parvatha @ 2 kms:

It’s a moderate climb through woodland from Shesha Parvatha towards Kumaraparatha. Cooling temperatures and a satisfying environment gave us the motivation to climb the tall Kumara Parvatha. It was an incomparable feeling to reach the top. It was worth the effort to climb so many kilometres. Every step was worthwhile, period!

  • Descend from Kumara Parvatha and Kukke Subramanya

We stayed steady as we climbed the mountain, taking in the amazing views around us. To reach Kukke Subramanya, we had to travel 12.5km. The sun seemed to be trying to dial us back with its piercing beams. We took all the time necessary to reach the base. We ate our meals at Battremane and then took our backpacks with us. Then, the world began to fall further.

It was quite frightening to walk through the backwoods with pitch-darkness and dead irritated feet. However, I found myself smiling because each moment of the excursion made me feel energised. The experience was positive and healthy. Each experience teaches us something, they say. You can be sure that I will remember these examples!

Things to bring for this Trek

  • Water for each person: 3 litres
  • There are many tasty tidbits.
  • Covers and conceals
  • Dress up in a happy outfit and wear great shoes for travelling.
  • Glucose, cucumber & orange.
  • HeadLight /light per individual.
  • If you are setting up camp, use pinion wheels to transport your hiking gear from one place to another at battremane.


You can walk the entire path through thick forests, which will allow you to get closer to nature. If you’re one of those people who find themselves in urban wilderness and yearning to retreat, then you should just want to spend your week in the wild. It was worth it to fly down from Delhi.

This journey made us realise that not only the snow-covered pinnacles are amazing, but also the many shades of green. The vegetation’s ability to constantly change its air throughout the journey was what kept us captivated. It was initially thick and dim, but it slowly changed to a lighter form of green. It appeared that there were green waves behind our eyes when we reached Shesha Parvatha.

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