Master in Computer Science from Australia: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Master in Computer Science from Australia: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Australia is academically excellent and affordable as one of the best locations for studying abroad. Thousands, millions of international students go to Australia for higher education. Based on different cities and provenance, you can greatly manage your finances in Australia, which makes it one of the most flexible and strong countries for studying abroad. A Master of Science degree from an Australian university is one of the best things it offers. The county has many world-class universities that pack excellent courses in computer science.

Why Computer Science From Australia

While many things can be put forward supporting why to choose Australia, one shines the most. In contrast to the cost of education, especially computer science courses abroad, Australia lets you do it at an affordable rate. This is why many students choose it over other options. But also, because Australia has very good ties with India, scholarships are available in way more quantity and quality. In many cases, students get more than half of their expenses reduced for a master’s degree in Australia. But, of course, all this comes with quality education.

One more thing. Australia is one of the most demanding countries for computer scientists. With high demand for the profession and average graduates to fill the positions, the earnings get high along with demand. Many sources report AUD 80,000 (about 43.5 lakhs) as the entry-level annual income of a computer science graduate in the country. While on the other hand, the average income of a computer scientist in Australia is above AUD 100,000 (54.4 lakhs). If this is not enough, what is? Your pay can increase greatly depending on the years you have been in the industry and the organization you are working in.

Not to mention, Australia is one of the places people wish to visit. Considering many different lifestyles and places, Australia has different standards of living. On the one hand, when you can complete your higher education at an affordable rate, you can also have an elegant experience. On the other hand, the three main reasons to do a masters in Australia are; world-class education, post-grad work opportunities and excellent quality of living.

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Master in Computer Science: Eligibility & Fee

While preparing for the program, you also have to consider the eligibility criteria for Australia. While the country is good and all, it still requires a few things from you to submit. These eligibility requirements are not flexible, and you must prepare them at all costs. Once you are done with this, you can start your application process.

Eligibility criteria for master’s in computer science from the USA:

  • undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • GMAT/GRE test scores
  • TOEFL/IELTS/PTE test scores
  • application fee (non-refundable)

Due to the global pandemic, test centers were closed for a while, which led to a few universities shutting down their GRE/GMAT requirements. Australia also has few of these universities where GRE/GMAT is not required. But it is advised to have it even so because it provides solidary to your profile. As mentioned before, Australia is an affordable option. You can do a master’s in computer science in Australia for 15-25 lakhs yearly. However, this cost can either increase or decrease depending on the university level.

Master in Computer Science: Top Universities

Australia, or as it is now, the most affordable, flexible and diverse country for quality education, has many top-tier universities. You can easily target these institutes for a master in computer science. Since more than selectable universities in Australia offer such degrees, one must only target the best ones. To do a masters in the most relevant subject today and work in a competitive yet diverse industry, have your options sorted in advance.

Top universities worldwide to target for Master in Computer Science:

1The University of MelbourneParkville
2The Australian National UniversityCanberra
3UNSW SydneySydney
4The University of SydneySydney
5Monash UniversityMelbourne
6University of Technology SydneyHaymarket
7The University of AdelaideAdelaide
8The University of QueenslandBrisbane
9Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbane
10Macquarie UniversitySydney


If you are looking for a master’s in computer science at agreeable rates, choose Australia as your country of choice. If you don’t know, around 10 Australian universities rank in the top #50 global universities. The fact alone is enough to build credibility. Review and student experiences state that Australia is a quality and fun place to study computer science. If you haven’t already, start preparing for a master’s in computer science from Australia.

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