Protective and Promotional Cardboard Sleeve Packaging

choosing the most suitable packaging option for your branded products? Given that they offer a clean and polished appearance without going overboard on your budget, cardboard sleeve packaging is a fantastic option for a wide range of businesses.

You require a packaging solution, Procure Custom Boxes is here to make it a reality with a printed box sleeve. We recognized as reliable cardboard sleeve packaging providers in USA and throughout.

You may either construct your own unique box sleeves or choose from our selection of cardboard packing sleeves. Stock and customized packaging are our areas of expertise.

Plain or Printed Cardboard Packaging Sleeves for Every Company

Procure custom boxes provide conventional and cardboard packaging sleeves whether you require containers for the food or fashion industries, Brand provides standard and unique box sleeve packaging solutions for a variety of businesses. We have done everything and are capable of doing it all, from food sleeves to fashion sleeves.

Some of the sectors we operate in are as follows:

  • Eating and hosting
  • Cosmetics
  • Office products and supplies
  • Plasticware
  • Clothing and Accessory

Food sleeves are very useful for food packing boxes. With all of the advertising and vital information on the package, your items will be on show. Food packaging sleeves are another inexpensive option to advertise your product. They may used for practically any product, from yogurt packs to ready-to-eat meals.

The Purpose of Cardboard Sleeves for Packaging

The first part of the job of marketing your items in retail packaging.

Simply said, a cardboard packing sleeve is an open-ended sleeve that covers your goods and bears your distinctive logo. It is an economical method of giving your box packing an appealing appearance.

Sleeves for product packaging are incredibly flexible and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles that are simple to print on. Due to their adaptability, they are a fantastic option for various sectors, from cosmetics box sleeves to food packaging sleeves.

Completely Recyclable Cardboard Box Sleeve

Using cardboard box sleeves to wrap boxes has the benefit of being a green substitute for conventional packaging sleeves, which is good for the environment.

You may relax knowing that your product’s packaging sleeve has through all the necessary steps to serve both your product and the environment. Utilizing recycled paper is an economical and entirely recyclable approach to promoting your company.

Quick Turnaround on Brief Runs

Because it’s so simple to print your logo on a box sleeve, Procure custom boxes, your packaging provider, can have your printed cardboard sleeves available for you in no time.

Placing large orders will also help you save money on your cardboard sleeve packaging.

Contact our staff so we may discuss your bespoke box sleeves in more detail.

Affordable Box Packaging Solution

Because printed sleeves created from recycled paper, they are not only environmentally friendly but also advantageous to your wallet. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your customized packaging and business message seen.

Digital printing enables the full-color printing of package sleeves in a variety of designs and looks. Our materials recyclable and can be printed in big quantities at once, reducing both printing time and the carbon impact of your business.

Sleeve Boxes Wholesale are Made From Only the Finest Materials

Our sleeve boxes wholesale constructed of premium paper that has gone through the proper procedures to safeguard your goods. They are strong and long-lasting, ensuring the security of your goods.

Whether your product is a tray of eggs or something less delicate, like a set of plastic lunch boxes or a stack of lipsticks, we care about keeping it safe during transit and display. We exclusively utilize the best materials, whether we’re making stationary sleeves or food packaging sleeves.

When paired with gorgeous, custom-printed box covers, a straightforward product may quickly enhanced.

Select a Predefined Design or Come Up With Your Own

We have a large selection of designs to match your brand and provide digital printing. With the assistance of our package design experts, our sleeve boxes may printed in full color, and you can select the precise paper used. Procure Custom Boxes’ in-house design services make branding with printing simpler than before. Your custom-printed sleeves will created to your exact requirements to ensure that your product packaged to perfection.

Our cardboard sleeve packaging printing services give life to your packaging.


The use of packaging sleeves is very straightforward. You only need to put your cardboard box sleeves over your merchandise because they designed specifically for your business with bespoke sizing.

You can save a ton of time and money by using a packing sleeve!

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