R vs SPSS: Which One is The Best Statistical Language

Today I will give you a thorough analysis of R vs SPSS. The majority of statistics students are skeptical of the 2 programming languages. This blog can help you get rid of all doubts more efficiently that ever.

Let’s begin with a brief comparison of R and SPSS. Let’s take a look at the basics of R language. R is an open source language for programming that is built in S. S language.

R was created at the University of Auckland by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. It is among the most powerful programming languages used to analyze data and data visualization.

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The greatest benefit of the R programming language is that R has the top GUI editors of any language. RGui as well as R studio are two of the most popular GUI editors for the R language.

However, SPSS stands for “statistical package for social sciences. It was introduced in 1968. The company was later acquired by IBM in the year 2009.

In the following years, it will be officially referred to by the name IBM SPSS. SPSS is the most effective software for data cleaning and analysis. Data may come from any source, i.e. Google Analytics CRM, Google Analytics or any other software for managing databases.

The greatest benefit of SPSS is that it supports every formats of files utilized for structured data. The most popular kinds are relational databases, SAS, Stata, CSV and spreadsheet. Let’s begin the detailed comparison of R vs SPSS or SPSS vs. R.

Below are the most important distinctions between R vs SPSS


I’ve already provided an overview of R programing language. Let’s find out the basics of R programming. In 2000 it was the year that the University of Auckland officially launched the first version of R. R is primarily focused on statistical modeling and was made open-source under GNU license. In addition, it is an open source programming language. It is the preferred stats programming language for new startups.

The next question is of what exactly is SPSS, SPSS was developed by North Carolina State University. The main goal of improving SPSS was to enable statisticians to analyse large amounts of agricultural data. Like we said earlier, SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.


R is an open source programming language. The languages of open source usually have a large number of members who are active. That’s the reason R gives faster updates to software and keeps adding new libraries that provide greater capabilities to users.

In contrast, IBM SPSS is not an open source programming language. It is a product sold by the commercial division of IBM. You are only allow to have the trial version of SPSS for a month. SPSS does not have the community as R and doesn’t provide rapid updates.


R can write using the old language i.e. C, Fortran. However, R also provides objects-oriented programming capabilities.

However, SPSS is written in Java language. SPSS is the most user-friendly in class GUI that has write using Java. Statisticians employ R to analyze statistics and interactivity.

Statistical Analysis The Decision Trees

If we try to try to test R in statistical analysis, we test decision trees. This is because R is not able to provide the numerous algorithms. Additionally, the majority of packages in R are able to only implement Classification or Regression Tree. The worst thing about R packages is that their interface isn’t as user-friendly.

However it is it is the SPSS GUI is similar to be a spreadsheet in Excel. SPSS provides a more user-friendly GUI that is based on a on the user interface. If you’re use to excel. It is more user-friendly than R.


R is regard as an analytical tool that is not as interactive as SPSS. However, it does have a number of editors that provide GUI support to program within R. If you are looking to understand and master the art of analytics, R is a better choice to understand the various techniques and commands.

However however, it is the SPSS user interface seems more akin to be a spreadsheet in Excel. SPSS has a more user-friendly GUI that is based on a user interface. If you’re use to excel. It is simpler to utilize than R.


R comes with a variety of tools to R optimize and modify graphs. Glither2 and R shiny are the two most frequently use programs in R. It’s simple to create graphs and designs in the R language and allows users to explore data.

However, SPSS doesn’t offer interactive graphs as R. The graphs are not interactive in SPSS you are able to make simple and basic charts or graphs.

Data Management

The two programs R and SPSS both offer similar data management. However, with respect to R the main features of R load the data into memory prior to running the program. This results in R somewhat slower than other programming languages. Because only a small amount of data that can processed.

However, SPSS provides faster data management capabilities i.e. sorting or aggregation, transposition and also for merging the table.

Conclusion R Vs SPSS

This report has given information on what’s in R as well as what’s SPSS as well as their differences. At the conclusion, I’d like to point out they both R along with SPSS are amazing analytics tools , and offer an excellent range of career choices. R is an open source programming language. Therefore, it is simple to master and use.

However, SPSS is a paid product, and you must to purchase it for a long-term use. If you’re a stats student but aren’t very aware about data analytics, you should consider SPSS.

The reason for this is SPSS is the best user interface to conduct statistical analysis quickly and easily. However, if you’re looking to perform more visualization and visualization, then go for R.

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