Reason Why Petrol Pump Owners Use Petrol Pump Management Software?

Why is petrol pump management software beneficial?

Petrol Pump Management software
Petrol Pump Management software

A petrol pump management software helps to generate bills, information about challans, and maintain sales/purchase records. A petrol pump management software allows for a rigorous monitoring of the stock of petrol right from the time of receipt. In addition to prevention, petrol pump management software provides restricted access for the pump operators, thereby, making fuel consumption easier to track.

Main features that a petrol pump software need:

  • Data on fully secured dedicated server
  • Real Time Data Access
  • Access to data and reports anytime and anywhere 
  • Personalized Dashboard for Pump owner/Credit Customer 
  • Important Reports in GRAPHICAL and DATA format on Dashboard 
  • All GST reports available 
  • Cash and Bank balance on fingertips 
  • HR / Payroll module 
  • Mobile app for Credit customer to Monitor their daily lifting/vehicles 

With the help of petrol pump software, it is possible to prevent any unauthorized fuel usage. This software helps in the auto-generation of reports about the customers names, purchases, sales, stocks, and other parameters. Petrol pump software also helps with tanker tracking of fuel, tracking exact quantity of the fuel dumped in your service station. There is so much that goes into running a petrol pump, and a software can assist in managing it overall.

Benefit of petrol pump software
Benefit of petrol pump software

You can seamlessly handle the back-office operations using invoicing and client management modules. Petro Genius Mobile App for Petrol Pumps is the most complete application to manage your Petrol Pump Bills, Petrol Pump Inventory Management, and general petrol pump administration. The Petrol Pump Account Software helps a user manage inventory properly as well as keep an accurate accounting of the employees salary.

Manage Accounting & Billing

The software app has the latest functionality features seamlessly integrated with various inventory-plus accounting services. Your software gives you automated productivity, thus helping employees to strategically handle things. This management software is best suited to pump owners, who are eager to handle every task themselves. Complete control over handling of most challenging tasks in pumping, efficiently managing accounts and bills.

It is usually difficult to manage variable fuel availability, track volume sold per day, keep records, and keep deliveries. Pump failures may cause expenses. You can see how much fuel is left, and how much gasoline it takes to fill that tank.

Further, we will ask how much gasoline, diesel, and oil they have sold. The price per liter for petrol, diesel, and oil can find on the internet.

How GST effect the report of petrol pump

GST would also be part of sales value, so the TCS would be levied against the total amount of the bill, including GST. As from 1st October 2020, all oil companies started charging TCS to all dealers at petrol pumps, correspondingly, all dealers were required to charge a 0.1% (0.075% until 31st March 2021, as COVID exemption) TCS on sales of goods, subject to amounts received as sales consideration for goods (not services) exceeding Rs 50 Lacs, subject to dealers aggregate turnover exceeding Rs 10 Crores (which is usually always exceeded in the case of petrol pumps). By default, all suppliers are flagged up for being eligible for charging TCS as in the case of petrol pumps, major suppliers are the oil companies since fuel and oil are invariably supplied by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) because at the petrol pumps, as fuel and oil are invariably supplied by the OMCs). 

SAP handled by names rather than PANs, so selling under one PAN may be challenging, especially since the names can differ.

Pos & Vapor Recovery monitiring

In Pump manufacturers locked out of the market for their own POS systems in the past due to only understanding proprietary software protocols. The technology used to communicate with gas pumps from the point-of-sale control unit varied greatly, including hardware (RS-485, RS-422, current loops, and others) and proprietary software protocols. Undersea solutions generally installed in warmer countries, where suction pumps face problems with cavitation in warm fuels, or where the distance between tank and pump is longer than the suction pump can handle. 

Generally, modern fuel pumps include gas vapor recuperation systems monitoring equipment to prevent gas atoms from venting into the air. The mechanical valve on the pump’s knob senses pressure changes and shuts down, stopping fuel from flowing. Petrol pumps are an apparatus that used to inject gasoline (petrol), diesel, or other liquid fuel into vehicles. 

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