When choosing hair extensions for ourselves, we always love to go for the one which fits, looks and gives us the finest style. But, with so many choices in hand like tape-in hair extensions and clip-in human hair extensions, it is quite overwhelming to choose the best one for yourself.

With some research and pointers, we have sorted out the difference between tape-in human hair extensions and clip-in human hair extensions, which will be useful for you in selecting the best hair extensions for you.


What Is Tape-In And Clip In Hair Extensions:

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Tape-In Hair Extensions:

Tape-in human hair extensions are the process of taping the hair weft sections on your natural hair. The sections of weft hair are about one inch long and are pre-taped with a medically graded glue.

Clip-In Hair Extensions:

Clip-in human hair extensions are the kind of hair extensions where there are a set of small clips attached to the weft of hair. You can clip in the hair extension on your natural hair with small pressure-sensitive clips. There are some best clip in hair extensions for you at Halo couture.

The Best Hair Extension Based On Your Lifestyle:

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This choice of hair extensions will also depend on your lifestyle, like your everyday routine. See which hair extensions are the most suitable for your lifestyle and choices.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you are planning to wear your hair extensions daily without taking them off, you should go for the tape in hair extensions. Unlike the clip-ins, the tape-in hair extensions will stay attached to your natural hair for more than a month. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions:

What is the best temporary hair extension method? Well, if you want to wear your hair extensions occasionally, then the clip-in human hair extensions are the kind you should choose. You can put and take out the clip-in hair extensions whenever you want. All you have to do is clip in the clip in human hair extension on your natural hair, and you’re ready to go.

The Best Hair Extension Based On Your Hair Type:

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Tape-In Hair Extension:

If you have a thin and fine hair type, this tape-in human hair extension is adaptable. Wearing the tape in hair extensions on fine hair will help keep your extensions laid flat and give you a natural appearance. However, if your scalp tends to become oily much faster, this tape in human hair extensions is not ideal. This is because your hair extensions will slip, and the tapes won’t be able to hold them.

Clip-in Hair Extension:

For clip-in human hair extensions, you have to make sure that your hair type will conceal the clips. When wearing any hair extension, it is important to blend them with your natural hair seamlessly. If you have really fine hair, then there are possibilities of not concealing the clips under your hair. However, if you choose the full headset clip-ins, the clips will not show and are suitable for any hair type.

The Installation Process Of Tape-Ins and Clip-Ins

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Tape-in Hair Extensions:

When installing the tape in hair extensions, keeping your natural hair in between, two strips of wefts are taped from both sides, allowing your tape-in hair extensions to be extra secured. The extensions are also double-sided to blend the hair extensions properly with your natural hair.

If a professional does the installation process of tape in human hair extensions, it will take around 45 minutes. Also, having your extensions done by a professional will guarantee a longer lifespan as there are many different ways of taping them with your natural hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions:

The whole process of installation for the clip-in human hair extensions is really easy, and you can do it at home by yourself. All you have to do is snap open the clips and keep the wefts near your roots and then clip them or snap them close. The time to install the clip-in hair extension solely depends on the number of wefts you are wearing and how experienced you are at clipping them.



With the differences between the two hair extensions that are tape-in and clip in hair extensions near me, the one you choose as the best hair extension depends on which one suits you the best for you. Knowing the hair extensions that will be best depending on your lifestyle, hair type, and the installation process, get the one you like the most and flaunt them with any desired style.


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