The importance of professional window cleaning in offices

Nothing worse than looking at the dirty glass. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to clean them or what chemicals you use in window cleaning, not only high-quality products are enough, you also need to master the right knowledge so that the results are excellent. Therefore, we offer you a series of tips and guides that will help you properly clean the glass in your home or office.

Good maintenance, order, and cleanliness are the business card of an office. Cleanliness is always vital to ensure office hygiene. Correct management and care together with cleaning routines must be part of the day-to-day life of any company, both for the good of employees and potential customers and suppliers.

However, professional cleaning of the office will also generate another series of benefits for the company, such as the improvement in the morale of the workers or the transmission of a clean and organized image of the company. We can remember that in its day we already talked about decluttering as an effective system to achieve that feeling of order and cleanliness in the office… but at this time we are going to analyze a more global cleaning of the entire office and the glass is the “window” main by which you can get the feeling of order and cleanliness.

Tips for professional window cleaning

The ideal way to have clean windows with a guarantee is to have a cleaning professional, since they have the experience and the tools to achieve optimal results, besides being able to access all interior and exterior points and corners of the office. .

It is of little or no use to have impeccable crystals on one side if on the other side there are remains of mud, haze, drops or stains from fingers or animals. For a unique feeling of cleanliness and order, the glasses must be clean inside as well as outside.

Keeping crystals pristine is no easy task, but very positive results can be achieved with homemade products. Let’s see some of the most common tricks or tips when it comes to professional window cleaning:

Clean glass with vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most common ingredients to combat all kinds of stains on different surfaces. It is important to note that we are referring to the almost transparent white cleaning vinegar. These can be found in almost all supermarket chains.

One of the advantages of vinegar is that it is antibacterial. Therefore, a guarantee when it comes to cleaning crystals.

We expose the drawback that vinegar for cleaning glass is that if it to the sun before it dries well. The vinegar can leave stains on the glass.

Hydrogen peroxide to clean crystals

Hydrogen peroxide is also a good product for cleaning home and office windows. It should be known that hydrogen peroxide is efficient for removing scale from glass. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply the hydrogen peroxide. Leave it to act for a few minutes before wiping it with a cloth to dry and remove the excess.

Hot water and soap

One of the most traditional solutions is the use of hot water and soap. We do not recommend this mixture for dirtier windows, but it is effective for almost daily cleaning of office windows.

Ammonia to clean the windows

On the contrary, for very dirty crystals, we recommend the use of ammonia for cleaning. Of course, you have to dilute the ammonia in the water before applying it.

Reasons to hire a professional window cleaning service

Professional cleaning companies. Based on their experience and the assessment and analysis they make of the windows, will follow a certain method. We already saw in his day the cleaning that professionals usually follow .

The main advantage of having a specialized and professional office window cleaning company. You save time, but also money because these companies already have the right tools and products. Another of great benefit of this method is that they are more efficient since they have the experience. Skills and know-how in the workers. Finally, and especially important if there is any cleaning at height. There is the need to protect employees and avoid any type of accident.

SCS Group Integrated Services is a company specializing in professional office cleaning and maintenance services. We use the best products and tools to achieve the desired aim. All this is carried out by the most experienced professionals in the sector.

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