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Top 10 Ways To Write A Good Article

According to experts. An article is a piece of content writing for either the offline or online world in a simple and easy-to-understand way is known as an article. An article is a piece of content that is writing on a specific topic. Articles that the authors write are printed on several platforms. That includes newspapers, magazines, online websites, and blog sites. Even research papers and many other ways of digital communication.

What Is The Format Of An Article?

Like all other types of content writing like essays and compositions. An article is also divided into three main parts that are:-


 In this part of the article. The writer writes a small paragraph in which he tells the reader about the topic he will be discussing in the article. It is the part of an article writing that works as a hook or repels the readers. In this very first part of the article. Readers decide to read it further or look for something else to read. So, to attract more people to an article the article writers have to make it captivating.


The body of an article is considered to be the most informative and lengthy part of an article. In this part of the article. The writer tries to write about all the aspects of the topic under discussion and he has to do it uniquely and interestingly.


 The last part of the article is the conclusion. And it is the concise statement of the topic the article was all about and how it was useful for the reader.

Top Ten Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Article

According to an estimate, 5000 articles are publish online daily. It does not include the articles that are publish on blogging websites. It is a highly competitive field, and one has to write something unique and special. To stand out among thousands of articles that are publish daily. The following tips may prove helpful for you and many other article writers.

Extensive Research

 The main reason for writing a worth-reading article is the research. That the leading article writers always do before writing an article. Your article should be based on facts and finding and not assumptions. So, before starting your work on a new article it is a wise thing to do some research. To research the topic you want to write about. You should read the articles that have already been publish about the same topic. To write a good article, one thing that may help you a great deal is the questions. People ask or search about the topic you want to write about.

Heading And Keywords Of The Article

The heading of an article has a huge role to play in attracting people to the article. The readers make up their minds about reading an article after reading its title. According to studies articles with unique and attractive headings are more likely to attract the readers’ attention. So the article writers should brainstorm about a unique and interesting heading for their articles. It can be in form of a question or it can be an on-point heading. You can select the heading like the brands use punchlines to attract more people to them

 Adding a little longer than the heading subheadings is also a good thing. That the article writers use for attracting more and more readers. The well-written subheadings provide the readers with an overview of the rest of the content of the article.

 If you want to publish your article online. Then you must do a little more research about the selection of keywords. Today, there are many websites, software, and applications. That helps you select the keywords that are more commonly searched on search engines.

The Style Of Writing

 Your writing style should be comprehensive yet simple so that the readers could relate to your articles easily. A good article is understandable for all, regardless of their level of vocabulary. According to the modern writing style. A good article does not contain any sentence that has more than 20 words. It is better to stay limited to 15 words per sentence. The readers of today have very low tolerance levels. And so they would never look up a word that they find difficult to understand. When online articles are abundant, they won’t spend much time on your article and would switch to other articles. So, simple is the latest style of writing.

The Introduction Should Be Compelling

After a unique and interesting heading, there is a need for a good introduction to the topic. That you will be writing about. If the introduction is interesting for the reader. Only then he will be willing to read the rest of your article. So, always write a compelling introduction

Always Use Spaces

As per the modern style of writing a good article is one in which all types of spacing are use. The use of bullet points and small size of paragraphs make your content attractive. Normal white spaces, tables, and subheadings make your article look attractive to the reader.

Make A Draft Before Writing

According to experts, a wise article writer always makes a draft of the article. And mentions in it all the important information that he would be adding to his article. He should stick to the draft for writing a good article.


 The best article writers always make sure, to highlight the important text in an article. So that the reader is aware of the main message in your article.

Use Facts And Figures

The article writers who never use facts and figures are consideration to be hollow writers. To avoid this stigma, you should always try to use stats, facts, and figures to support your point.

Always Do The Proofreading

 It is always wise to proofread your article to avoid silly mistakes that may ruin the reputation of the writer.

Make It Ready For The Digital World

 Your article should be optimize for the digital world. Following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to write flawless articles.

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