What Are The Top 5 Advantages Of Staff Augmentation

Staffing is a necessary and balancing act to meet the seasonal and project-based needs of a company. Recruitment is the principle that allows SMBs to add professionals to their workforce. Staff augmentation is crucial to the business because the shortage will leave the staff overworked.

It burns them out and lowers their morale. At the same time, overstaffing burdens the organization by overpopulating. 

Team augmentation temporarily uses outside resources or personnel to compensate for the lack of skillset on some projects. 

Importance of Staff Augmentation

What is Staff augmentation a way of building a flexible workforce in 2022?. Most companies are shifting towards staff augmentation because it bridges the talent pool and project-based vacancies. It is the most sought-after model for increasing the talent pool with intensive tech skills. Permanent employee structure is an old concept.  

A flexible workforce is easier to scale up and down as required. Temporary vendors get on board as new opportunities arise depending on the workload. Outsourcing occurs when

  • Seasonal sales spike up
  • The new project opens up
  • Turnover creates a new position
  • Required skillset lacks in the non-core function

Team augmentation has many benefits. Some of them are listed below. 


Traditional recruiting methods are rigid. Whenever the company is undergoing structural or functional changes, it lays off employees. A lot of people lose jobs. In contrast, team augmentation is a process that creates jobs. 

Outsourcing is a flexible solution for businesses that undergo regular shifts in demand and functional changes. 

For instance, the team may scale up or down as the workload increases or decreases in an ongoing project. 

Scalability allows businesses to deal with projects big or small without compromising on the quality of work. 

Exposure to New Ideas and Opinions 

The millennials have a lot to offer regarding their current worldviews. They may not have the required experience, but they are street smart and technology-driven. Having fresh and new minds in your workforce can offer a lot in terms of business development. Fixating on specific team members means standing still, being stagnant, and often futile.  

IT services often require out-of-box solutions, diverse portfolios, and unconventional means of increasing profitability. 

Engaging with professionals from different walks of life delivers higher brand value and leverages new ideas for scaling business. 

Reduced overheads

Hiring the workforce for only a requisite period means not paying for the long term. Businesses get access to external talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting methods while adopting double victory for the company. 

Team augmentation is beneficial to small businesses as it reduces costs and delivers a high margin. They can quickly fill gaps in the workforce with the right talent in a restricted budget. 

Usually, the hired staff works remotely, which is another reason for reduced costs.  


Time-saving is a bonus advantage of staff augmentation. Full-time staff recruitment is a lengthy, tedious, and painstaking task. From shortlisting to interviewing, and onboarding, recruitment takes a lot of time. Hiring short-term employees not only saves time but energy too. 

As soon as the need arises, the current team could be expanded quickly compared to the traditional hiring process. Since the additional staff is also experienced in their respective fields, businesses save time polishing their talent and training. 

Empowered Employees

Overworked employees tend to lose their motivation and morale quickly. An ideal company improves team morale and makes an effort to retain them. A tired staff is disengaged and works half-heartedly. 

Outsourcing relieves your employees of additional work and gives them space to breathe in. Core staff members benefit significantly from staff augmentation and tend to stay for longer. When you give your employees the much-needed help in the core functions, they appreciate it by working passionately. 

To sum it up, staff augmentation is no longer in its infancy. Businesses are accepting the new norms as well as finding alternative ways of staff modelling. Traditional hiring practices are wearing out for obvious reasons, and flexible hiring practices are common.

More firms rely on it because it is cost-effective and more efficient than traditional means. Thousands of people who lost their jobs during the pandemic find outsourcing to their benefit. 

Apart from all the debate on the pros and cons of staff augmentation, the addition of new minds is always a pleasant experience. It ensures a significant influx of talent flowing into the company. It is finally time to embrace the change.

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