What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Bike Bag for Traveling

Are there any considerations other than the features, the price, and the type of bike you ride when purchasing a Bike bag? Yes, in our view. You need to have a fundamental grasp of the product you’re buying if you want it to last and support you through the whims of the weather, harsh use, and terrain. It extends past the layout, hues, etc.

While you do not have to be an expert in saddle bags manufacture, the following are some things to look for while purchasing luggage:

Motorcycle Travel Bag Types

Regarding motorbike travel luggage, there are a few different categories to be aware of. If your bike has a rear rack, top cases rest there. Occasionally, they can also be fastened to the passenger seat. Panniers bag fasten to your motorbike’s tank, while saddlebags are located on either side of the motorcycle in the back. The majority of bag manufacturers focus their motorcycle baggage designs on these main places where bags may fit on most bikes.

Hard-shell or soft bags are both possible, as are ones that are waterproof, lockable, permanently affixed, or detachable. What you need mostly depends on where you want to ride, the kind of bike you ride. Whether you can leave your luggage on the motorbike when you get off or whether you have to carry them with you when you park.

Form Factor

Soft motorcycle baggage essentially comes in three varieties: tank bags, saddle bags, and tail bags. Each kind has a particular function and, as their names imply, is installed on a certain area of the bike. Although their use is somewhat flexible, it makes more sense to be clear on the kind of bag you need and why.


Motorcycle baggage, like all other gear, is constructed from a range of fabrics and materials depending on the product’s intended use, the needed strength, the convenience of manufacture, the cost, and the kind of weather and terrain. You usually describe these materials as waterproof or not, plastic or cotton, etc., but we think you need to know a little bit more than that.

Hard Bike Bag

Hard bags come in all the popular types of shapes mentioned above and are frequently made of hard plastic. In circumstances requiring more sturdiness, material such as aluminium. Additionally, hard bags are more probable to be lockable and weatherproof. Many, though, will be attached to the bike and may be challenging to remove for simple transportation.

In some circumstances, additional mounting hardware could be required unless your motorbike already has baggage racks fitted. Although there are universal alternatives available. Hard motorcycle luggage bags also tend to be a little more bike specific to guarantee adequate clearances and installation.

Soft Motorcycle Bags

The materials, sizes, and forms of soft bags are diverse. There are choices made of leather, waterproof vinyl, heavy-duty, surface roughness ballistic nylon, and various composite materials. Tank bags, panniers, top cases, and other items (such as sissy bar bags) can be found in these materials.

A soft Bike bag has advantage that many times no special equipment is required to fasten the bag to your motorbike.

Backpacks For Motorcycles

They aren’t your only alternatives, especially in light of the wide selection of backpacks designed specifically for available motorcycles. Motorcycle backpacks are built with fabrics that can endure abrasion or impact, provide waterproofing in certain situations. Fit comfortably against your body when you’re riding, just like the bags mentioned above.

Your Motorcycle Bag’s Weight

Comparing the weight of soft backpacks and metal cases is as simple as comparing an In-N-Out burger meal. Tough cases may be created from remarkably lightweight stiff materials. But when paired with the iron attachment brackets and equipment for panniers. They add a significant amount of heft to the back of the motorbike.

Although there are numerous possibilities without frames, some motorbike soft bags do include pannier panels. Soft cases are the hands-down winner when it refers to making your motorcycle as light and maneuverable as possible due to the thin nature.

With so many models, sizes, and features to choose from, finding the ideal Bike bag may be challenging. We hope this article helped to clarify some of that and give you a better idea of all your alternatives. Through the process of elimination, you’ll reduce your options to only a few bags after taking into account your demands. The sort of bike you ride, and the characteristics you find appealing. Then choose the one that best suits your footwear.

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