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Which Lawn Mower Is Right for You?

The reader about lawn mowers and how to select the best one based on a set of criteria. We provide best in industry products and services for Grass Cutting Machine.

Which we will go through in more depth below.

First Criterion: According to The Size of The Garden

As a first criteria, it is critical to comprehend the significance of selecting an ideal lawn mower for each user’s garden. Because, for example, if our garden is huge and we use a tiny lawn mower. Mowing the grass will take a long time or, at the very least, a lot of physical effort.

It is suitable for a small garden (up to 200 square meters):

  • Should push Manual machinery
  • A little electric device.
  • A little edger or scissors will suffice.
  • Using a rake to sweep.
  • Gardena Snips
  • It recommends the following for a medium garden (between 200 and 600 square meters):
  • Electrical machinery ranging from 1 to 2 horsepower.
  • Medium edging.
  • Sweep with a blower or a rake
  • It is ideal for a big garden (more than 600 square meters):

Big electric machines with two or more horsepower, self-propelled machines, walk-behind or self-propelled cutting machines, and machines that carry the driver (tractors or hills).

  • Edgers.
  • A blower.

Second Criterion: Self-Propelled Vs Push

Lawn mowers can also be self-propelled or pushed manually. In the first example, the transfer carried out by a motor, which drives the mower ahead by moving the wheels. The first, as we may understand, necessitates the user’s own physical effort.

mower that propels itself

Third Criterion: The Power of The Lawn Mowers

Only gasoline or electric lawn mowers have power as a variable. We must recognize that, logically, the bigger the power, the more efficiently our machine will perform the task. Use Watts to measure the power of things. Domestic devices typically range between 1,200 and 1,800 W.

A 1,200 W machine will adequate to execute the task correctly. If mow the garden to is up to 200 m2. When the garden grows, should consider devices with a minimum power rating of 1600 W.

Fourth Criterion: Maintenance and Service of The Lawn Mower

Grass Cutting Machine

This is a personal attribute of the user who want to purchase it, as it will be dependent on the ongoing maintenance that he is prepared to provide. If you do not have the time or inclination to perform lawn mower maintenance, you should avoid purchasing a gasoline model and instead go for an electric or helical one, as we shall explain below.

Hallical Mover

This tool requires no plugs or battery or fuel recharges. It is a piece of machinery comparable to those used in ancient times, but with technical advancements that enable for exact cuts. They are ideal for cutting in small gardens and, as previously said, require almost no upkeep.

One piece of advice we must provide the reader if you want this lawn mower is that it should not use on surfaces with unevenness (wells, some of the broken ground) so that it can do a nice job.

The Future Is Today: Robotic Lawnmower

If, on the other hand, you find the chore of mowing the lawn too difficult or do not have the time to perform it, you can delegate it to a robot rather than a person. They came in Argentina a few years ago and have quickly become popular in a variety of settings.

There are models that can execute this work entirely on their own. They mow the grass according to the specified area without making much noise, and when the battery runs out, they return to their charging station independently. If required, they recharge your battery and return to work.

Furthermore, they recognize any obstruction (animal, person, or hard object) and avoid it, avoiding accidents or damage.

There are also versions with a Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone and GPS. lowing you to configure the days or times of mowing, the hours of usage, the grass growth rate, and much more.

lawnmower robot

Tips For Using the Lawn Mower:

Lastly, we will present the reader with a series of guidelines for correct lawn mower operation and maintenance:

  • Adjust, lubricate, level, adjust the height, sharpen, and clean the equipment before cutting.
  • The speed must be between 3 and 5 km per hour, with modest advancement. The rate of progress should not be too sluggish or too quick.
  • Alter the overall direction of the cut to keep the grass from combing to the same side all the time.
  • To avoid uncut regions, keep the direction parallel to the initial cut.
  • If the sector is irregular, split it into sections rather than completing it fully in one pass.
  • Make wide bends to avoid peeling or scratches on the ground caused by cover friction.
  • Mow damp grass or grass with a lot of dew since the cut quality is poor and faults show up as it dries.
  • It may cut at night. But require adequate lighting equipment and machinery with mounted reflectors.

This allows the equipment to dry and lubricate after usage is critical to extending their usable life.

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