Why Should Kids Learn Quran – Its Importance!

As a parent searching for assignment help services to aid your elder child with their university tasks, are you thinking about making your younger one read the ‘The Holy Quran’?

If, so then good call!

Learning the ‘Holy Quran’ is essential for every Muslim- especially kids at a young age.  More so, since ISLAM has emphasised the importance of proper children’s upbringing and making them the shining light for Muslim communities exiting across the world.  

The ‘Holy Quran’ – embodies the divine verses of The All-Mighty Allah – the creator, the sustainer and one who gives meaning and purpose to every Muslim soul on this green earth. 

Praise The Lord – Praise ALLAH & Get Bestowed By His Divine Riches. Rewards and Blessings

“Read…. In The Name of your Lord Who Has Created (all that exists)….”

The Holy QURAN sees no distinction among its creation. All are equal in the eyes of the Lord- child or adult. 

One of the main reasons parents want their children to learn and get well-versed with ‘Holy QURAN’ is to get closer to Allah and his divine pleasures, riches and rewards.

Parents feel that gaining knowledge about their Lord and its supremacy will be the ultimate gift for their children both during their mortal lifetime & when they inevitable step into the divine realm -Jannat (Heaven). 

As a parent, you are responsible for bestowing the All-Mighty ALLAH’s teachings into your children and exercising its preaching. 

Importance of Learning the ‘Holy QURAN’ for Impressionable Younglings

Kids Learn About the Prophet Muhammad (& THE LOVE HE INSTILS IN EVERY ONE)

Reading the ‘Holy Quran’ at an early age helps younglings learn about the prophet Muhammad and the love he instilled in everyone. It teaches them about the struggles he experienced and the sacrifice he made to guide those he loved down the path of The Almighty.

As a parent, you want your child to be different and follow in the footsteps laid down by the prophet Muhammad. Above all, you want to teach them that LOVE is the language of the Lord (not violence). 

Teaching children to read the Holy Quran helps them learn about this critical life lesson and abide by it till they take their last breath. 

Kids Get Introduced To the Divine Preaching of ALLAH

Most conservative families strive to encourage healthy religious practices among kids in their early days. To do so, many conservative Muslim families introduce their children to the ‘Holy Quran’ – filled with divine commands of the All-Mighty Allah.

This allows them to get an in-depth understanding of what the Lord seeks from everyone throughout their lifetime. Moreover, doing good deeds enables one to earn points with God and earn a place in his divine realm in the afterlife!

In other words, kids learn that God wants everyone to be good, helpful and respectful to others. They also learn that differentiation (on any grounds) leads to chaos, harm and destruction.

Above all – kids learn that in the eyes of the Lord, all humans are his children and therefore equal. 

These divine preaching help kids understand the value of human life and that evil and sinful acts towards one another must be purged to walk the path of righteousness. 

Learning the Holy QURAN Makes Them Become Good Human Beings

Perhaps the biggest reason why parents must make their kids read the ‘Holy Quran’ is because it teaches one to be good human beings.

Evil is an obstacle to one’s deliverance. Evil corrupts the mind, heart and soul and lays down the path for manipulation and all forms of abuse. 

On the other hand, Good is a form of divine intervention that deters and obliterates evil. It makes sinners realise the error of their ways and compels them to make amends by worshipping and remembering the Lord.

A famous verse from the Quran cites – “Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, [even] as much as an atom’s weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and bestows a wonderful reward from Himself “

Furthermore, the ‘Holy Quran’ teaches children to live their lives wisely and practice the principles of Islam. It educates kids to love their parents with their heart and soul, become morally responsible in all forms of life and further hone their Islamic beliefs with the tick of time.

Learning the Holy QURAN Helps Augment Concentration & Capabilities of Younglings

Reading and learning the ‘Holy Quran’ requires immense patients and concentration. Yet, one also attains great satisfaction and feels a positive change transpiring inside their mind.

Reading the Quran daily helps kids augment their concentration and capabilities at their young age. This helps improve their mind and learning prowess as they keep growing and pursue whatever academic or professional goals they desire.

Furthermore, kids will also become active in their lives and fear no activity or competition they participate in. 

Indeed, the merits of reading the ‘Holy Quran’ habitually are eye-opening, thought-provoking and blissful.

  • Most importantly, it instils courage in them to Sit & Read the Holy Quran When Life throws seemingly insurmountable hardships.

Long after, when these younglings grow up, have a family of their own and eventually succumb to life hardships, the practice of reading the Holy QURAN will give them the confidence to endure.

This mere habit of being able to sit up and read the Holy Quran (even when life keeps pushing them down) will give their kids and the following younger generation, lots of inspiration.

Every Muslim believes, in their heart, that the ‘BOOK OF THE LORD’ has answers to all their woes, plights and pain. But only in times of difficulty is that belief and faith tested. 

If your kid (grown-up then) remains adamant in his beliefs and continues to take strength from the words in the ‘Holy Quran’ – it will define his path to the realm of the gods. 

But being steadfast in the face of hardships comes from true faith and a long-sustained habit inculcated early on.  That establishes another irrefutable benefit of teaching your kids how to read the Quran in their adolescent years.

Learn Quran Online Today

If you wish to help your child learn the ‘Holy Quran’you can always enrol them on dedicated online classes. Such classes deliver personalised and easy-paced learning that your kids will like. Plus, you can monitor their performance and even help them after class.

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