Goechala Trek in India is known as the best trek for big mountain views. Trekking on the goechala trek is worth it. You not only see one summit i.e., Kanchenjunga but you can also view 14 other big summits there. Goechala trek is famous among the trekkers because they can see different views in just one visit. 

The difficulty level

The difficulty of the Geochala trek varies from moderate to difficult. The trek starts from Yuksom town which is located in West Sikkim. It is not that much recommended for beginners as it is located at an altitude of 15,000 ft above sea level. It takes almost 10-11 days to cover the whole distance of the Goechala Trek, which is quite a long time.

About the Trek

In the beginning, the terrain of Goechala is moderate which is then transformed into steep trails once you start achieving the heights. The trek is more than dangerous in the winters as snow covers the whole path which follows landslides and harsh climatic conditions.

The Fauna & Flora

One of the reasons that the Goechala trek is famous is because of its rich flora and fauna. You can see a huge variety of vegetation and animals along with the scenic beauty of the trek.

The trek is not only famous among Indians but also trekkers from all over the world. Many trekkers visit this trek every year to see the beautiful landscapes and serene environment.

Here are some reasons why GoechaLa Trek should be visited by every trekker:

Mount Kanchenjunga.

On reaching the summit, you can see the beautiful view of mount Kanchenjunga. You can take the pleasure of sunrise and sunset over there. On moving closer to GoechaLa, you can see the summit very clearly. There you can experience how it feels like walking around the world’s third highest peak.

Bucket of experience in one trek.

There you can have a lot of experience in trekking as the path is full of some challenging areas. On one hand, you have a plain path whereas on the other is a steep trail. There is a drastic change in the landscape of the GoechaLa trek. One has to walk on the rocky path and the plain in some parts. Each day you experience something new with the trek.

Experience about people of Sikkim.

On your 10-11 days trek, you will get to know a lot about the people of Sikkim. You will be familiar with their warm hospitality and generous nature.

Get to know about culture.

You will get to know about the culture of the people of Sikkim. Most of the people there follow Buddhism and Hinduism. There is an age-old monastery called Dubdi located in Yuksom in Sikkim. For the residents, mountains, peaks, rivers, and lakes have a lot of spiritual importance.

Exotic flora and fauna.

You will come across a wide range of flora and fauna during your trek. The Goecha La trek is inside the Kanchenjunga National Park, which has its place on the list of UNESCO’S top world heritage sites. There you can see snow leopards and many bird species. Many unique flower plants and plant species are also found on the trek.


There is serenity all around the trek. You only listen to the chirping of birds in the morning and enjoy the peace all around the trek. There you can have a break from disturbing and busy day-to-day life.

Peaceful campsites in the shadows of mountains and availability of trekkers’ huts.

The GoechaLa trek path has the facility of trekkers’ huts at almost all the places except Lamuney. The trekker’s huts are wooden huts with basic accommodation facilities. In case of bad weather, these huts become a comfortable shelter and provide comfort in harsh conditions at higher altitudes. Thansing and Lamuney campsites are famous for the magical and beautiful views of Sunrise and Sunset.

View of Samiti Lake and Mount Pandim.

The trail to GoechaLa takes you to Samiti Lake at an altitude of approx. 14000 ft. This beautiful alpine lake is another visual delight on the trek. The crystal clear water of the lake creates soothing reflections of Mt. Pandim and other surrounding hills. Visiting Samiti lake is so refreshing and delightful. It revives your energy.

Challenging trek.

GoechaLa trek is considered a moderate to difficult trek. The trek can be done by both beginners and experienced trekkers however good physical fitness is required. There are many steep stretches on the trek which will test your physical and mental strength.

Worth capturing pictures.

From the colourful vast landscape, snow-capped mountain peaks, magnificent sunrise, and sunsets to magical starry nights the trek will surprise you each day.

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