8 Quick Getaway Worthy Villas in Maharashtra

It’s time for one last break before the pre-covid life sets in, with the monotony setting in, school starting up again, and offices operating at nearly full capacity. Fortunately for you, there are vacation rentals between Mumbai and Pune, especially villas in Karjat, Alibaug and villa in Igatpuri with swimming pool. That provide the perfect setting for a beach trip. A relaxing retreat, or a mountain getaway. Our carefully selected vacation houses are likely to suit your interests. And preferences and come with a variety of features including a private pool, a grass that has been groomed, or even a deck that looks out over the beautiful vistas.

Are you looking for some incredible locations to visit close to Mumbai. As well as, Where you can spend quality time with your loved ones? Mumbai, the city of dreams, offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. From hill stations to temples, picnic spots to locations with the utmost peace and solitude.

Popular tourist spots like Karjat, Igatpuri, Lonavala, and Alibaug are well renown for their laid-back atmosphere. To give oneself a nice experience away from the rush of city life. You can decide to go on weekend getaways close to Mumbai and stay at villas in Karjat, villa in Igatpuri with swimming pool. So, You will enjoy some beautiful time with nature. And your loved ones in a tranquil and revitalising setting.

Weekends away! These two words would pique the interest of any traveller. Isn’t this what you want to do on the weekends—get everything wrapped up and leave your problems behind? This is how to find the greatest places for the ideal getaway if you’re in or around Mumbai. For your upcoming weekend vacation. So, check out this list of cosy yet roomy villa rentals in and near Mumbai and Pune!

1.     Casa Zul, Alibaug

A lovely 3BHK villa, Casa Zul is located in Alibaug, Mumbai’s answer to the Hamptons. Far from the bustle of the city. It’s difficult to see why you wouldn’t want to prolong your vacation to stay back here a little bit longer. Whether you prefer to lounge and soak up the sun in the outside private pool or indulge on BBQ meals surrounded by a bonfire to warm you in the nights for an additional cost. But, The area near Thal Beach is all about a comfortable getaway home in a sun-kissed tropical setting with lovely grass and a pool. The roomy interiors and cosy bedrooms with contemporary furnishings. So, Bring back a bag full of memories and a heart full of joy!

2.     Nest Villa, Karjat

Sit back and watch as one of the best villas in Karjat enchanting allure unfolds upon me since nowhere else will you see natural beauty bloom to its peak or be enveloped in it. So, With a private pool to cool down in, a balcony to watch the most incredible sunsets. And lush grounds to run around on, Nest Villa is a 3BHK spectacular refuge create only for you and your loved ones. So, Nest Villa is all about the contemporary, whimsical décor, combine with the roomy bedrooms and gorgeous baths.

3.     Casablanca Villa, Igatpuri

3BHK Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri has a spotless pool with amazing submerged seats. Overflowing with the supernatural views of valleys and lush foliage. So, Soaking in the tranquil pool adjacent to a beautiful pool hammock with a warm gazebo. And a plush outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a blend of elaborate. And contemporary interior décor at this villa in Igatpuri with swimming pool. So, Our magnificent and picturesque villa is available to you for an exciting evening of pool and poker.

4.     Sunshine Villa, Karjat

Summertime fantasies are create of the 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat! White rooms that are calming in the summer and cheery in the winter. The doctor will undoubtedly recommend a comfortable summer by installing an outdoor balcony with a seating area and projector for enjoyable family nights. Your arrival in Karjat will reveal this lovely vacation property at the  best villas in Karjat,  assures you a relaxed stay

5.     Carlos Villa, Lonavala

The amazing atmosphere during the rainy season makes Lonavala one of the top places to visit around Mumbai. With cloud-kissed cliffs and gushing waterfalls, Lonavala is at its most attractive as Mumbai is being inundate by the rain. Visit this 4BHK Carlos Villa to experience the picturesque ambiance of Lonavala. In the chilly Lonavala weather, you and your loved ones can relax on the large grass and enjoy a warm cup of chai. It also includes a private pool and is located close to some of the best villas in Karjat.

6.     Pablo Villa, Pune

Escobar Villa is a three-bedroom villa in Pune that pays homage to the city’s Deccan heritage with regal and colourful decor. As well as, This balcony provides all the peace you need with views of tranquil surroundings and a lake. All of your meal times are set up for you, including breakfasts on the terrace, lunches by the pool. And dinners on the verdant lawns around a bonfire. So, You have plenty of space to lounge around thanks to the mezzanine level in the living area.

7.     Ecstasy Villa, Igatpuri

Ecstasy Villa, which is situate in the serene Igatpuri, is a creation of Mother Nature. This 4 BHK villa in Igatpuri with swimming pool boasts of being in the dead centre of lush vegetation with views calming. As well as, Your eyes all the way to the horizon and adequate space to spend relaxing downtime with your loved ones. Get together with all of your family and friends to relax and unwind. So, You can do this by dipping your toes in the pool, relaxing on the patio under a shooting star.

8.     Simba Villa, Karjat

Paradise Villa is a beautiful property that is perfect for your next staycation away from the bustle of the city that has a private pool. Visit this beautiful property; Paradise Villa. Which lives up to its name, is perfect for your upcoming staycation away from the bustle of the city and is one of the best villas in Karjat. Enjoy the sunrise from the 3 BHK Villa’s balcony while you unwind on the lush lawns. So, Lounge by the pool, or enjoy your favourite beverage. The property’s appeal is enhance by its contemporary exteriors and interiors.

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