All About Autism Behavior Therapy (ABA) For Child

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Autism Behavior Therapy is an evidence-based therapy for behavior & learning. It proves to work and can modify as per the child’s specific needs & interests.

ABA therapy is usually provided by a team of therapists, who work closely with the person with ASD and his or her family. The team develops a treatment plan that targets specific goals, such as improving communication or learning new skills. ABA therapists use a variety of techniques to help the person reach these goals.

Behavior Analysis helps us to understand common day behaviors and challenging behaviors through:

  • Finding the reasons behind the behaviors.
  • Observing how a change in environment affects the behavior.
  • How behaviors are learned. 

For whom is this therapy? 

The therapy is for anyone needing a behavior change. However, it is especially beneficial for:

  • Children engaging in challenging behaviors.
  • Children face difficulty in reaching developmental milestones.
  • Children having Speech Delay. 

What difference does ABA Therapy make in a learner’s life? 

  • Teaches daily living skills.
  • Improves language & communication.
  • Increases play skills and help the child socialize. 
  • Cognitive development. 
  • Strengthening visual perceptual skills.
  • Reduces problem behaviors. 
  • Boosts academic skills.
autism behavior therapy

How does Autism Behavior Therapy work?

Positive Reinforcement is the driving principle of ABA. If a learner rewards after a behavior, the possibility of he/she repeating the same behavior increases. Over the period of time, the child starts showing the desired behavior.

In practice, what an autism behavior therapist does is observe & noting down the ABCs:

Antecedent: The event that triggers the behavior, it can be an instruction, change in environment (like a toy, sound, light) ,or can be internal as well.

Behavior: Response or lack of response shown by the child after the antecedent. It measures in action, verbal or other responses. 

Consequence: What happens right after the behavior? This is the factor that determines the occurrence of the behavior in the future. 

One common technique used in ABA therapy called positive reinforcement. With positive reinforcement, the Autism Therapist rewards the person for desired behaviors, such as making eye contact or saying words correctly. This encourages the person to keep doing these behaviors so that he or she can get more rewards. Another common technique used in Autism Behavior Therapy call shaping. Shaping involves gradually teaching the person new behaviors by rewarding small steps toward reaching the final goal behavior.

For example, if someone is trying to learn how to brush his teeth, the therapist might first reward him for putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. Once he masters this step, the therapist would then move on to rewarding him for putting water on his toothbrush and so forth until he finally learns how to brush his teeth correctly.

How is ABA evidence-based?

Applied Behavior Analysis is known as evidence-based therapy because when a therapist applies a protocol to one particular child and then repeats the same protocol on ten other children, every child will respond the same way.

As a field of study, practitioners have rigorously researched the effectiveness of ABA for decades. The BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) refers to these research papers and designs the therapy plan accordingly.

Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis

The therapy customized as per the child’s liking, interests, and needs. 

It can be provided all around the child’s environment: at home, school, center, and within the community in one-to-one or group sessions. 

The most beautiful part is the parents can also learn ABA. If a problem behavior occurs in places such as home, school, or playground where the therapist is unavailable, the parents can independently calm down the child.

autism behavior therapy
autism behavior therapy

Looking for ABA Therapy near me?

Butterfly Learnings is the first BHCOE accredited clinic in India providing customized ABA therapy including speech therapy & occupational therapy specific to a child’s needs & interests.

Our clinical team consists of BCBA, Behavior Analysts, Pediatric neurologists & Behavior Therapists who strive to create an environment where the little ones master the behaviors and skills that are essential for daily living.

About Us

Butterfly Learnings is a developmental & behavioral solution that ensures the well-being of your child. With our deep knowledge of children’s development and our evidence-based methods, we aim to actively cooperate with families and start to see positive, permanent, sustainable results in shorter timelines

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