Custom Cigarette Boxes – A simple guide to customization

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Custom Cigarette Boxes – Cigarettes are one of the few products whose demand since inception has never decreased. Previously people used to smoke to satisfy their nicotine addiction but now it’s something more than that. This has been seen as a visible trend of smoking among the younger generations.

We considered smoking an act of coolness. Just to look cool in the social circle they smoke. And flaunt their Cigarette Boxes in their hands. Also, the sale of cigarettes is greatly influenced by the type of packaging used. There are hundreds of cigarette brands available on the same retail shelves. Which often makes customers confused as to which brand is better than the other. The cigarette industry is very competitive which has created huge stress for Cigarette Manufacturers to make their products distant to earn sales.

The advertising of cigarettes has been banned by the government. Also, due to these multiple reasons, cigarette brands do not depend on their Custom Cigarette Boxes to impress audiences and generate their desired sales revenue. These Boxes are the only way to advertise your cigarettes to make sure they reach a broad spectrum of consumers.

Why use cigarette boxes?

Cigarette Boxes allow you to customize the boxes to give your product the display they deserve. When customers visit a store they usually accept or reject a nicotine product just by looking at its packaging. Custom Cigarette Boxes play a huge role here by impressing the customers and convincing them to buy the product.

We customize these boxes according to the target audiences chased and product packaging needs. Cigarette Boxes are usually made from material like cardboard that resists moisture to ensure that the product is safe from moisture or other pollutants. These boxes are very sturdy which makes it possible for them to avoid the bending or breaking of cigarettes during logistics. The cigarettes will reach customers in their perfect condition and customers will be able to take a fresh last puff from the last cigarette in the box. The best feature of these boxes is that they are eco-friendly which helps to save the environment while reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

You will be a responsible brand in customers’ Eyes which will play a very important role in influencing customers buying decisions.

Product awareness

Custom Cigarette Boxes are they really effective tool for creating brand and product awareness among customers. Moreover, these boxes provide you with good space that you can use for branding and advertising purposes. Also, you can print your logos and other themes on the boxes to make them look captivating and memorable.

These boxes are the first interaction between you and your customer so if it is an impressive customer, they will never forget your brand. You can also add other information like manufacturing date; expiry date and ingredients on the boxes to make your packaging informative for customers which will make them believe that the brand cares for the customer’s health. These works also provide customers and the east to take the cigarettes out and detail the freshness of the remaining ones by closing the box easily.

This will build trust in your brand and they will come back for your product. Furthermore, custom Cigarette Boxes will bring word-of-mouth advertising for your nicotine business.

Fulfills statuary duty

Government imposes certain restrictions on brands for cigarette advertising. Also, it is required by law to print disturbing images. As well as, health warnings on Cigarette Boxes. You can print these boxes with warnings that will make your brand free from legal issues. Such boxes also leave a good image on customers about brands transparency. These boxes are very effective in boosting business sales.

What customization options are available for Custom Cigarette Boxes?

As well as, there are many customization options for Wholesale Cigarette Boxes. Every inch of the box personalization depends upon the cigarette manufacturer’s requirements. Custom Boxes Zone is a leading Cigarette Boxes manufacturer that offers personalization options that suits sure packaging and marketing needs.

We make boxes according to clients’ stipulations

Let us explain to you some of the personalization options that you can avail yourself of us to make your cigarettes prominent in the market.

  • Size

We make custom size according to the cigarette’s requirements. Usually, a Cigarette Box contains 10 to 20 cigarettes however this is not the rule and you can pack as many or as less cigarettes as you want and we will customize the box size according to that.

  • Style

Usually, Cigarette Boxes are having a flap open style but we do offer personalization options for styles too.

  • Material

we offer many material options that are eco-friendly to make your packaging look perfect and safe for the products. Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated stock are the most prominent packaging material options used to make Custom Cigarette Boxes.

  • Printing and designing

we offer free designing services and used digital offset printing technology to make your boxes look perfectly printed. You can print any information or logo you want on your boxes.

  • Finishing

We offer many finishing options like windows, handles, embossing, spot UV, aqueous coating, and many others.

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